Unable to post pictures

  immer 22:55 29 Nov 2006

I correspond with a user not on broardband who cannot post pictures.An old W2000 now on WXP he tells me he also has blank screen for homepage. He posts via Yahoo via a french server. Anyone got any ideas please? Not in uk he.s asking what to do.

  lotvic 23:46 29 Nov 2006

I have a blank screen for my homepage - on purpose, I set it that way.

To email a picture in XP you just highlight(select) the picture then right click and choose 'send to' > 'mail receipient' and an email will open for you to write a message to go with it. Then when you open your email prog it is there in the outbox waiting to be sent the next time you are online.

Or you can just insert/attach the pic whilst you are composing an email.

Is he experiencing problems when he tries to do this?
What is it he wants to do?

  immer 23:50 29 Nov 2006

I sent him a small picture & told him to post it to himself but he says it doesnt work. Is there something about Yarhoo that could cause this ?

  Pamy 23:55 29 Nov 2006

He can send pictures via Yahoo e-mail

  johnnyrocker 00:08 30 Nov 2006

or file transfer in messenger.


  lotvic 22:47 30 Nov 2006

""...he says it doesnt work""

How much does he know about computers?
You are not giving enough details to enable any constructive advice.

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