Unable to play some video?

  Qibbler 11:32 19 Jan 2011

I'm running Windows 7x64 with media player 12. Unable to play 'pop-up' video on various sites including the BBC. Embedded video works. I've ticked "Add remote media files to library when played" in WMP's options. WMP doesn't launch when I click the pop-up video links.

I've reinstalled java run-time and adobe flash player (used the links at Adobe) and all is up to date at the Adobe site.

I've exempted the sites I want in IE8's pop-up blocker and I don't use the 64 bit version of IE8.

Read somewhere there can be pop-up killbits in the registry? Was using Virgin Media Security with its blocker, now uninstalled.

Embedded video works on the BBC, ITV etc, but get no 'pop-up' video on CNN or BBC site (which only requires flash player).

BBC help: "The pop-up player launches in a separate internet window and requires Real Player or Window Media Player to work ... Click on any Watch, Listen or Live button. This will take you to the page where that particular clip is housed."

I click and find myself looking at a blank space where the player should be running.

Appreciate any advice.

  Nontek 11:54 19 Jan 2011

Check that you have the latest Codec pack for Win7 ...
click here

  Qibbler 12:40 19 Jan 2011

Cheers Nontek.

Installed the codecs. No change to problem ... except straight away noticed one of my gadgets had gone (???) on reboot. Can't get sidebar.exe to open. Just used that an hour ago too.

I love Windows.

  Qibbler 12:48 19 Jan 2011

Okay, just logged out as standard user and in as Admin and gadgets back (???) Logged out and back in as standard user and still back!

Installed the codec pack in safe mode as Admin to avoid hassles ... guess that was too complicated for Windows 7.

Trouble is, still can't work the pop-up video links just as before.

  GaT7 12:53 19 Jan 2011

Try VLC media player click here, at least as as stopgap solution. G

  Qibbler 13:29 19 Jan 2011

Thanks Crossbow7. Will do that if all else fails. Hate to give up too quickly on what must be a basic service though. This machine is only a month old, for goodness sake. You'd think Windows 7 would come with all the basic frills in working order?

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