Unable to Pin blank word doc to taskbar

  hawthorn59 03:33 11 Oct 2011

Hi Folks

I have set up a default Word page with Arial font size 14. I pinned it to the taskbar, it just shows the Word icon. When I open it, it has the default settings that I set okay, but as soon as I paste text into it, it reverts to Calibri 11.

Is there a way to pin a "custom" created Word page to the taskbar?



  hawthorn59 03:37 11 Oct 2011

Im sorry i gave slightly incorrect info there; when I open what I pin to taskbar its just a default Word doc, calibri 11. Only when I open the doc I created from the desktop (where I placed it) does it open with Arial 14, then it reverts to default when text is pasted.



  QuizMan 08:44 11 Oct 2011

I cannot replicate what you are describing. You do not say what operating system and Word version, but it sounds like Windows 7 as the OS.

I have Word pinned to my taskbar and the only way I can get another document pinned is to click and drag it to the taskbar. It then gets pinned to the original Word icon. Thereafter I right click on the Word icon and select the pinned entry from there.

So I think what you have on your taskbar at present is the shortcut to Word, not the specific document.

  BRYNIT 09:49 11 Oct 2011

You do not say which version of word?

If this is the usual font you use why not change the default template or create your own template under a different name.

If you are talking about WordPad that comes with Windows it will always default to Calibri 11, the only way would be to type a word onto the sheet and then save.

  hawthorn59 10:47 13 Oct 2011

Apologies; yes its Windows 7, and Office 2007.

I suppose what I want to do is have a "blank page" pinned to the taskbar. Is that what you call a template?

OK Ive tried it again. I have "blank page" font 14 etc, saved on my desktop. I dragged it on top of MS Office Word in the taskbar. But when I open it, its the Word default page, calibri 11, that opens. Maybe its not possible to do what I wish to do.

If so, can I change the default Word page that opens up to what I want?



  gengiscant 10:56 13 Oct 2011

I think I have tried to do what you want and you are correct it does not work. I have a blank doc(well almost blank) saved in a folder on my desktop. It has all my contact details but when I dragged it to the task-bar and then clicked on it, it opened as a totally blank document.

If you want to change the default word page just open a blank doc change the font etc to what you want then save it as something. Mine is saved as Glenn headed. But I have others set up differently and obviously have saved them as something else. I keep them all in a folder called office on my desktop along with a couple of envelope templates.

  hawthorn59 10:56 13 Oct 2011

Hi again!

I think I've solved it. It does appear possible to actually pin a document to the taskbar, over MS Word, but when you click to open it, the default Word doc opens up. However, if you right-click the MS Word icon, it will also list the document you pinned and you opened it from there. Trial and error!

However a better solution for me is to actually change the default MS Word document that opens, to the font and size that I want. I've discovered how to do that, and now Im happy! Hope this might help others too!

many thanks all,


  lotvic 11:04 13 Oct 2011

Change the Normal template (Normal.dotm) so that everytime you open Word your new blank .docx has the font and margin settings that you want

ClickHere and ClickHere

  robin_x 12:49 13 Oct 2011

Also, pinning some stuff is tricky (not just Word)

I made a crappy note 2 years ago:

"Contrive to get a link on the Jump List (right click the open taskbar entry) Then drag the stubborn item (may need unpin/pin first)"

Whatever the hell I meant by that.

I found it easier to 'enable Quick Launch in Windows 7' (Google) and set up another New Toolbar as well. I prefer having shortcuts in those.

  BRYNIT 13:25 13 Oct 2011

After a quick look, MS word 2007/10 always shows the default Template on the task bar and as you have found if you right click the icon it will give yo a list.

If you want the default template to open in the font required open a blank document. On the Home tab click on the small arrow to the bottom right of the fonts. a window will open. Select the font and size requires and click on Default bottom left. It will now ask you if you want to make changes to all new documents based on the NORMAL template if you select yes all new documents will now open with this font.

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