Unable to open Word Docs

  Jasper1973 16:33 16 Oct 2007

I use Office 2000 on XP and recently I have not beed able to open Word docs.
It attempts to open the file, the template appears and the Word program image appears in the centre of the screen but then it simply closes with no errors at all.
I am unable to open any Word docs, but I can view them in Wordpad.
I have uninstalled Office and re-installed twice now with no diffence.

Anyone see this one before?


  Totally-braindead 18:09 16 Oct 2007

Are you sure the problem is Word? I would say that if you have reinstalled Office twice it kind of eliminates Word being the problem and looks more like the problem is with the file itself.

Have you been able to try the file you are talking about on another PC?

Have you checked what sort of file it is IE if you right click it and go to properties what sort of a file does it say it is?

  Terry Brown 18:59 16 Oct 2007

It looks as if your have either changed the properties in word ,try 'open with', and if this works use as default, or you are trying to open a scanned document, which is a jpeg -tiff or similar format.

  DieSse 19:07 16 Oct 2007

The commonest problem with word that causes all types of "funnies" that a re-install doesn't cure - is when the normal.dot template gets corrupted.

Do a search for normal.dot - rename each occurrence of it normal.aaa - then re-open Word. It'll automatically recreate normal.dot, and with luck it may be OK.

  Jasper1973 09:21 17 Oct 2007

Thanks guys, but I cannot even open Word as a programme so the document being corrupt is not the problem. I have been able to open one of the docs on another PC.
Also a search does not find any normal.dot files - so I have drawn a blank there too!!


  DieSse 09:39 17 Oct 2007

normal.dot may be a hidden file - and/or you may be doing a restricted search - try widening the search parameters.

I can assure you that you do have a normal.dot file - Word won't operate without one - it's the template for a blank document!

  silverous 10:19 17 Oct 2007

This is just about the best reference for word problems like this:

click here

let us know how you get on.

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