Unable to open internet link from email directly

  peter99co 15:12 09 Sep 2011

I receive emails from (Makro for example) and if I click on a product my PC blocks with a message that security settings are preventing connection.

What do I change to allow the link to work.

This is on a Vista setup.

My XP latop allows me to access internet directly from the same email.

Other emails behave in the same way.

I use IE9 on both machines.

  Woolwell 15:21 09 Sep 2011

What e-mail client?

  peter99co 15:58 09 Sep 2011

Outlook? Via Virginmedia.

The message suggest the usual 'Contact Administrator'

  Woolwell 16:11 09 Sep 2011

This may be the problem MS Support

  T0SH 16:14 09 Sep 2011

Have you checked you are set to receive email as plain text only I think to get click-able links in email you may need to have HTML enabled ?

Cheers HC

  peter99co 17:47 09 Sep 2011

I will try HTML suggestion and report back later. Thank you TOSH.

  rdave13 17:58 09 Sep 2011

Sometimes IE set to default browser cures this.

  peter99co 21:14 09 Sep 2011

My email in question is in HTML form.

  peter99co 21:20 09 Sep 2011


Sometimes IE set to default browser cures this.

Can you explain this more fully.

  rdave13 21:48 09 Sep 2011

Outlook is a Microsoft app and will usually need IE to connect to the 'net. If IE is not the default browser then chances are it will not link. Check your security is set to default.

  Woolwell 22:03 09 Sep 2011

peter99co is using IE9. My post at 4.11 and the link from MS indicates that if you upgrade your browser and have a problem with e-mail links then you may have a registry error. The XP machine will be using IE8 and therefore will not have been upgraded.

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