Unable to open internet explorer

  ponytail 17:44 05 Mar 2014

Have just been trying to sort out my previous post earlier today unknown message appears when going into website. Went into their support and followed their suggestions but now am unable open IE.I click on start all programs then internet explorer and all I get is blank page when I click on open does that mean I will have to install IE.Also when I open any website all that comes up is a quarter of the page I have to click on maximise every time never had this problem before

  ponytail 18:03 05 Mar 2014

Have just downloaded and installed IE 11 but when I click on open I still only get a blank page

  ponytail 18:09 05 Mar 2014

When I open IE and get the blank page I clicked on tools and internet options then programs and it says internet explorer is the default web browser and make default is not highlighted.If it is the default browser why does it not appear when I open it

  martd7 19:02 05 Mar 2014


no green tick,your correct,but ive helped him few times and has said thank you

There are not many who do green tick only the regular contributors,

As for answering "this guys queries" thats what this forum is all about helping people

  ponytail 20:18 05 Mar 2014

I do very much appreciate the help and advice that I get.I am afraid I am not a computer whizz kid but do try and resolve any of my problems myself mostly using google though a few times have probably made things worse.Not sure what is meant by green tick as have never done one.As jock1e says when I click on the drop down box all that's there is about:blank nothing about IE yet I did install it

  wee eddie 20:26 05 Mar 2014

Ponytail, you need to give it an address to go to

  rdave13 20:39 05 Mar 2014

In the address bar (where it says "about:blank") just type google. The address bar is also a search bar an will bring up the default search engine in IE 11. Usually Bing. Click on Google .co.uk in the list. Now go to internet options , under tools, and under the general tab select 'use current' under the 'home page' section. You then get a home page. Use internet options to change it or how to open tabs and all sorts of things. Have a play around.

  ponytail 20:40 05 Mar 2014

Hi wee eddie thanks for that but not sure what you mean by give it an address

  ponytail 21:02 05 Mar 2014

Hi rdave13 think I must have misread your advice I typed google into the section you said and it now says this page cannot be displayed as I previously said I am not a computer whizz kid so not sure what if anything I did wrong

  wee eddie 23:31 05 Mar 2014

Ponytail, what address do you use to get here?

  rdave13 00:02 06 Mar 2014

ponytail, it looks as if you have picked up some nasty. What support and what site?

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