unable to open emails saved outside Outlook Express

  edenworkshops 21:29 06 Feb 2012

Having just sorted out one problem I find I have another.

I have just got another PC.

On my old PC when I saved an email (.eml file) outside of Outlook Express,when I double clicked it in my docs, it automatically opened in Outlook Express.

On my new PC when I try to open an email it doesn't open automatically, rather I get asked what program to open it with, when I browse to Outlook Express in Program Files and select msimn.exe (which I think is the right .exe, it just opens Outlook Express, it does not open the email?

Can anyone suggest what I can do to get the email to open please?

Thank you


  Woolwell 22:04 06 Feb 2012

Is outlook Express your default e-mail client? It would seem that the file association may not be correct. Are you right clicking on the file and then choosing Outlook Express? You are using XP?

  edenworkshops 09:02 07 Feb 2012


yes, Outlook Express is the default email client.

I right click and select "open with", then select Outlook Express from within program files.

The email icon I am used to is in the form of an envelope, but the email icon now is something I don't recognise.

I am running Win XP.

Thanks for your help.


  Batch 09:38 07 Feb 2012

Have you tried opening Windows Explorer and on The Tools Menu select Folder Options. Then select the File Types tab (if the File Types tab is not visible), in Windows Explorer, try selecting something other than Desktop (e.g. a folder or My Computer) before going to the Tools Menu.

Once on the File Types tab, scroll down to the EML extension entry and select it. Then click on Advanced. It should then show you a dialogue box with something like "Internet Email Message" in the first box and under the Actions section show an entry of "open". Select the open Action and click Edit.

Another dialogue box should open where the "Application used to perform action" should read (including the quotes)

"C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe" /eml:%1

If it doesn't read as this, cut and paste what it does read and post it back here.

  edenworkshops 10:03 07 Feb 2012

Hello Batch

There is no .eml file extension in the list, though I have the option of creating a new file extension.


  edenworkshops 10:14 07 Feb 2012

Hello Batch

There is an outlook express icon in the list.

Next to the icon is written...(NONE)URL:Mail To Protocol.


  Batch 12:42 07 Feb 2012

I think you need to create an EML entry with an open Action as I've described above. Basically, you need to end up with an EML file type with an open Action of:

"C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe" /eml:%1

That's assuming that msimn.exe is in the usual place. This bit on the end ( /eml:%1 )tells it to start msimn.exe and to open the .eml file that you have clicked on).

It's a bit long winded, but the Windows Help should provide some assistance (just search for File Type in Windows Help).

BTW, you can access the same functions via Control Panel, Folder Options.

  edenworkshops 13:36 07 Feb 2012

Not having much success.

I can create a new .eml file entry in the create new extension tab.

When I have done this there is an advanced tab which has a huge list off associated file types, if I do not select anything from this tab and just click ok, the .eml extension appears on the list, but it does not have a regular icon, it has an icon which windows generates when it does not know what the extension is.

On the folder options window there is an advanced tab, when I click this I am given the chance to change the icon, but I can see nothing suitable.

In this same window there is an actions window, if I click "new action" I have two windows, one that says action, and one that says application used to perform action.

I pasted "C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe" /eml:%1 into the action window, and selected msimn.exe from a browse tab which then filled in the "application used to perform action" window.

I closed it and then clicked an email...outlook express opened as before but I could not view the email.


  edenworkshops 15:00 07 Feb 2012

On impulse in the "action" window and the "application used to perform action" window I pasted in both "C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe" /eml:%1

And now it works, so thanks so much for your help.

The only thing is the icon is not the same as the icon I am used to, I guess it doesn't matter that much, but I send these emails that I save outside of Outlook Express, to people on my newsletter list and the change of icons might confuse them.

If I select the .eml file extension in "folder options" and clock the advanced tab I get the chance to change the icon, it does not list the icon I am used to, if I find an icon I want, can I add it to the list of icons, where are these icons stored?

Thanks again.


  mutu26 18:42 11 Mar 2012

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