unable to open 'add/Remove programs'

  techy gal 18:04 14 Feb 2005

I have recently been trying to help a frined delete a hundred and one horrible viruses from her laptop (no firewall and no AV software!). Since installing BlackIce Defender I decided that I preferred Zone Alarm and downloaded this but now I cannot delet BlackIce Defender as when I select add/remove programs from the control panel it won't open.

Is there another way I can delete this or preferably can someone help me open the blessed utility?


  Curio 18:15 14 Feb 2005

facility on the Startup list under All Programmes? If so Use that.

  Technotiger 18:16 14 Feb 2005

Hi, you could try deleting it manually - go to Search and All files&Folders, then highlight all found with the name Blackice etc and press delete on keyboard. Then go to My Computer and then open the Programs folder to find and delete any Blackwotsit etc folders again. Then do a Disk Cleanup via Start>All programs>Accessories>System>Disk cleanup. Then do a defrag. Then try Contol Panel>Add/Remove again.

Cheers - good luck.

By the time I Post this Response I expect a dozen others wil have come up with better ideas.....:-))

  techy gal 18:22 14 Feb 2005

Do you mean Start - programs - Startup?
I can't see a delete facility. There isn't even an uninstall associated with the program

  techy gal 18:25 14 Feb 2005

sorry technotiger - didn't see your mail till after I'd posted - I'll go do as you suggest...!

  Technotiger 18:27 14 Feb 2005

Hi, I think Curio meant 'associated with the program' - but you have obviously already looked there.

  Curio 18:32 14 Feb 2005

Yup. exactly what I meant. Couldn't think of the correct Phrase. Apologies to techy gal for lack of clarity.

  Technotiger 18:34 14 Feb 2005

Hi, don't worry, we have all 'been there' mate.

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