Unable to Load Windows

  lermontov 10:40 15 Jun 2005

Disasterous loss of desktop due to incompleted Undo System Restore on XP Home.

Partition Magic 7.0 picks up Error 1516: 'Partition Improperly dismounted' and Error 1619: one lost cluster but doesn't give the option to fix either.

The recovery disc that came wih the PC (an Evesham Axis 1900+XP several years ago) requires an administrator password to continue with repair!! It isn't the same as the one I use to run Windows XP Home when booting up. God knos what it is. It locks out after three attempts.

XP's own error message on booting up gives options to start in Safe Mode, or Start Normally or Last Good setting, etc, but at each attempt after the Windows logo comes up, the blue broken load up bar below it moves along, the thing just hangs with a black screen, no red light activity on the hard drive. No matter which option is tried.

Any ideas? Any other recovery software that can circumvent XP's own attempts at booting up to give me access to it in order to fix the problems?

Incalculable mass of personal info and wife's listings for eBay on there, only half of which were backed up (I am only too painfully aware that it's a salutary tale of 'back up, back up' but having that reinterated isn't going to help now!) so do not want to reinstall Windows XP (IF the recovery disc would let me) and lose all those files.

Any ideas or magic sent my way would be much appreciated.

Thanks L

  Big Elf 10:52 15 Jun 2005

The Admin password may be blank i.e. not set?

Alternatively fit another hard drive as master and install XP on that and fit the current drive as a slave and try and recover the data?

  lermontov 11:05 15 Jun 2005

Thanks for swift reply Big Elf.
First suggestion has been tried before but no joy.

The second has been discussed with me by a friend (who has the expertise to do so, I do not) but literally facing the embarrassment of being unable to meet the rent cheque at the end of this month, the purchase of another hard drive, however cheap is a financial impossibility at the moment. (This could not have happened at a worse time: Murphy's Law in all it's rampant glory). Apart from reinstalling XP and wiping the data (unthinkable at present) which is the last solution, a new hard drive is the second last but simply not financially possible until god knows when.

  Big Elf 11:35 15 Jun 2005

Perhaps you could get a friend to fit the drive to their PC and copy the data to CD/DVD?

  Big Elf 11:36 15 Jun 2005

P.S. Also ask Evesham for the password?

  Slithe 11:43 15 Jun 2005

If you can get into the XP setup there is an option that allows you to install XP without wiping your HD.

In other words your data such as Word Docs, Sound Files are left alone but only the OS files are overwritten.

I've done this with earlier versions such as 95 and 98 - and am pretty sure that you can do it with XP. Just don't opt to erase the HD when installing - I imagine that the OS is then installed like an upgrade.

  Slithe 11:48 15 Jun 2005

Can you start the XP setup without the disc? Some computer companies allow you to do this - see if you can get into DOS.

Look for a folder called I386; I know that recent purchases have this folder and it contains an XP setup application.

Not 100% sure on this one - but it may give you or someone else a nudge in the right direction.

  Micro-Man 13:15 15 Jun 2005

Refer to click here
(XP pro logs off when I log on) for details about resetting passwords and click here (Win XP Product Code) for other detail about restoring Windows XP, eg VolumeID. If you can make up a BartPE disc on another PC this will help too, see click here .

  lermontov 14:16 15 Jun 2005

Thanks all for the input so far, folks. Borrowing hard drive due to logistics and cirmcustances not an option at present. Thanks for links micro-man.

Doing my own web search meanwhile I found this:

click here

Seems to fit the brief but it doesn't make it clear whether using this will do a complete reinstall of XP and wipe everything. I can download the files form another source onto floppies then try and run them on my desktop to boot it.

Is it worth a try do you think or does someone with past experience know of some hideous consequence of doing it? IF it even gets through the administrator password problem in the first place?

  Micro-Man 15:45 15 Jun 2005

I for got to say that BartPE will allow you to access most of your hard drive using an 'operating system' running from the bootable cd you make. Add Volumeid as a 3rd party addon to BartPE as this allows you to retorn your hard drive volume serial number to what it originally was which reduces the hastle of re-registering windows. Just make sure you record your original drive volume serial number before doing anything too drastic.

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