unable to install xp pro

  bananaslik 18:03 21 Jan 2004

hi lads,it's going to b a longie.had a prob on old pc & needed to format.had a prob doing this so a freind suggested i put the h/drive into my other pc as primary slave.i did this & formatted.i put the os on & removed the h/drive.the pc i used to do this then showed 2 o/s on it,1 you couldn't access & the other took about 5 mins to come up.i wasn't happy with this so i formatted(used win98 floppy)this went ok.i then tried to load windows xp pro on (it's an original copy)it gets to about 32% & says unable to read files.i have tried my mates disc(also an original)and it does the same.the only thing i did when it said there were 2 o/s on was i cleared the bios by way of jumper.any ideas ??

  Kitz E Kat 21:44 21 Jan 2004

First up , throttle your mate!!! No i mean it :-)
What you have gone and done , is create a dual boot system, that you don't want!!!

It's one thing formatting on the second PC but you should have taken out the HD and put it back in the first PC and them loaded it ..

The BIOS has nothin to do with the two OS's at start up, that's part of the "dual boot" thing you could have got rid of that and everything should have been OK...

I have had trouble with XP stopping with the message "error reading files" i just hit the "retry" button, sometime's a couple of times and it will usually proceed, on some occaisions i had to quit the install and start again, annoying but works....

  monkon2 21:55 21 Jan 2004

perhaps you should consider just reformatting totally and starting again, this time with just xp pro, it will format it for you. dual boots in my past experience cause nothing but grief!!!

  gold 47 00:41 22 Jan 2004

Here Here to that monkon2

  bananaslik 08:47 22 Jan 2004

have tried to re-format 3 or 4 or 5 times now.format takes approx 1 -1.5 hours.each time i do this i get the same message upon loading xp (unable to read file.i have tried the enter button but it gets past one & gets stuck on another).i have also gave the pc to someone else who is a computer bod & it is doing the same to him.it must be something in the bios because i could load xp on until i used the bios jumper to clear the bios.

  ThePharcyde007 09:48 22 Jan 2004

Probally a scratched win XP disc BIOS has nothing to do with this issue at all

  Kitz E Kat 13:11 22 Jan 2004

Yeah the CD could be scratched, but as i said i have had trouble loading XP, the same thing as you , it gets stuck!!!

As noted it has nothin to do with the BIOS ...

I just got a "brand new" copy of XP pro upgrade, and it got *stuck* several times, i know it's a pain but if you keep hittin the 'retry' button it should , sometimes after hittin it several times, get past that file and move on...
Sometimes i had to just quit,reboot, and start again, note there is NO need to reformat again...

But it always got there in the end, frustrating , but it worked!!! :-)

Me thinks its a XP thing as it has happened me several times on different box's , with different copy's of XP, but never on 95 - 2000...

This thing happen any of you guys???

Keep at it , good luck!!!

  bananaslik 13:38 22 Jan 2004

many thanks to all i will keep at it & let you know how i get on

  bananaslik 09:41 27 Jan 2004

Hi chaps,about a week ago i posted with probs instaling xp pro it couldn't copy the files over.just to let you know u all gave good sound advise but it turned out that one of my sticks of memory died a death. but thaks lads(and ladies)

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