Unable to install Office 2007

  Simon Sudbury 08:30 10 Nov 2010


I have dual boot Vista and XP (with Vista preinstalled). I tried to install Office 2007 from CD on the XP partition but I got the “license key incorrect message” when I know it is correct. I’ve done some research and understand that it’s some sort of conflict with the preinstalled Office 2007 on Vista.

Do I now have to uninstall Office from Vista and then use the installation CD to out it back on Vista and XP? Is that the way to do it?

Many thanks for your time.

  Graham. 09:02 10 Nov 2010

Could be the 'single user' restriction is being invoked.

  Graham. 09:03 10 Nov 2010

Sorry, you seem to have bought a new CD.

  Simon Sudbury 10:01 10 Nov 2010


This is bizarre. I definitely didn't buy the CD as it came with the PC and had DELL plastered all over it. Do I really have to uninstall Office in Vista to run it in XP.

Many thanks

  Graham. 15:57 10 Nov 2010

Then it will be an OEM copy, not an installation CD, only used to recover the original version if it got corrupted. It will not install Office 2007 on the XP partition or any other PC, I'm afraid.

  Simon Sudbury 16:13 10 Nov 2010

Can you define the difference between OEM copy and install CD? It has the product key and looks very much like an install CD. It certainly came from DELL with the PC but I just can't recall whether I had to use it or whether Office was preinstalled.



  Graham. 00:21 11 Nov 2010

OEM stands for 'Other Error Messages'.

Installation CD stands for 'CD I have bought to put on XP'.

So as your title says, you will be 'Unable to install Office 2007' unless you buy an installation CD.

  VNAM75 00:40 11 Nov 2010

OEM stands for Original equipment manufacturer

  Simon Sudbury 13:18 12 Nov 2010

What an absolute travesty and outrage!

Thanks anyway

  robin_x 14:08 12 Nov 2010

Use Openoffice.org till you get it sorted.

  GaT7 14:37 12 Nov 2010

Graham may be right concerning the Office disc being only a recovery disc rather than an install disc.

Anyway, see if these Dell instruction are any help - How do I install Microsoft Office 2007? click here. Select Microsoft Office Groove 2007 to install??

I notice your similar query at the Dell forums too (click here for the others). I was going to recommend you to post there, but if they cannot tell you what's going wrong for sure, then who can?! Have you tried contacting Dell directly?

Finally, as it is most probably an OEM version, it may not right from a legal standpoint after all - from click here:

"The rule of thumb is, if the license is OEM, no; if the license is full retail, yes."

If this is the case, it's really a Microsoft constraint rather than a Dell one. G

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