unable Hibernate

  Cesare 16:28 25 May 2007

Windows system error. Insufficient system resources exsist to complete API. This is what I got when trying to put my PC to Hibernate. How can I remedy this ? What does it means,'system resources'? please

  birdface 16:32 25 May 2007

I think it meens free disc space,Stuartli told me how to do it a fortnight ago,So I am no expert, It was Control panel,Power Options,Hibernate,

  birdface 16:35 25 May 2007

Sry. and tick Hibernate Apply. Ok. It will tell you what disc space you have,Sorry its in two parts, ticked the wrong button,

  Cesare 16:37 25 May 2007

I did read your thread and it worked that time, but today it cant do it. Must be the weather ! getting too hot here. I dont know what system recources it needs. I have enough RAM 2.5GB

  Jackcoms 16:58 25 May 2007

Go to Control Panel, Appearance and Themes; Screen Saver; Power; Hibernate.

Ensure that Hibernate is ticked and also ensure that 'Free disk space' is greater than 'Disk space required to hibernate'.

Also - do you have a USB mouse? If so, ensure that it is NOT set to bring the computer out of standby. If it is, I've found that it will prevent hibernation. This is because in the few seconds before the PC goes into hibernation it performs a momentary check of all USB and other ports - effectively it completely powers up again a for a brief period of time.

If you have a USB mouse set to bring the PC out of standby, that brief power up acts as if you had 'waggled' the mouse and, thus, standby and hibernation are both interrupted.

  birdface 17:12 25 May 2007

Maybe your Java needing up-dated or something like that,click here

  Splodge 15:48 28 May 2007

Jackcoms: thank you!.

I did a search just in case there was a ready answer and... thanks be... you provided the reason and the solution!

I hope!

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