Unable to hear system sound

  weschris 16:43 04 Sep 2005

I dont know if any one can help but I have just noticed I an unable to hear sounds from my desktop themes any more. I can click on them and windows media player comes up and the player bar moves along the bottom but I cannot hear anything.

  johnnyrocker 16:45 04 Sep 2005



  weschris 16:53 04 Sep 2005


  DieSse 16:58 04 Sep 2005

wav volume turned down?

  DieSse 16:59 04 Sep 2005

Double click on the volume control in the system tray, and examine all the sliders and mute boxes.

  weschris 17:09 04 Sep 2005

I've already done this but with no luck

  johnnyrocker 17:51 04 Sep 2005

what about music etc is that ok? check also (now we have the obvious checked)tools/internet options advanced/ multi media settings and the right components are ticked.


  weschris 18:28 04 Sep 2005

Yes it plays music ok. I have also checked the internet options and all the right components are ticked.

  Technotiger 18:49 04 Sep 2005

Hi, go into Control Panel and click on Sounds and Audio Devices - check all the settings and Apply.


  weschris 18:58 04 Sep 2005

There are no settings with check boxes that I can see. Am I looking in the wrong place?
I click on Sounds and Audio Devices then on Sounds but there are no boxes to tick.

  Technotiger 19:22 04 Sep 2005

It is possible that yours might look slightly different to mine (I have SB Audigy2 Soundcard),
but should be similar anyway. In ControlPanel>Sounds and Audio Devices look first at Vol Tab (mine has a couple of boxes to tick as required) also under this Tab click on Advanced and check the boxes there, and also under this Tab mine has Speaker settings as well. Then look at Sounds Tab there are many boxes under this Tab to check (ie all your System sounds - you can make your own choices via the Browse button). Then check Audio Tab and Voice Tab to make sure that your default settings are correct.

Assuming you are using XP - but probably similar in other Windows types as well.


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