Unable to Hear Live Webinars

  Mairin44 13:44 03 Mar 2015

Hi Guys,

For some reason I can’t get any sound when I log onto a live webinar. There is no problem when I listen to the replays.... the sound works perfectly fine then but I’d like to listen live. It doesn’t make any difference whether it’s gotomeeting, joinme, etc. I’ve tried clicking on “settings”, “computer audio”, etc. but nothing works.

I use a Macbook Pro that I purchased in May 2010. I have not upgraded the operating system but a few months ago I started using chrome instead of safari. Your help would be much appreciated.

  Daisy_Michael 14:16 03 Mar 2015

Consider the information listed at click here this may help (at least for GOTOMEETING)!

  Mairin44 19:04 03 Mar 2015

Thanks Daisy. I'll check it out.

  Mairin44 21:15 25 Mar 2015

As I was having no joy with sorting out this problem, I popped into an Apple store and told a technician the problem I was experiencing. She advised me to do a PRAM reset (I don't know what this means) by pressing the following keys all at the same time: Cmd + Alt + P + R (yes, it's awkward!). I did it, rebooted my system and it worked! She said I should only do this if I'm having a problem otherwise don't. Just thought I'd share that in the hope that it will help someone else.

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