Unable to get out of Power Save Mode

  martin_old 15:20 19 Jul 2007

My daughter has a Dell Dimension 1100, with a flat panel monitor.

The whole system was switched off and all cables disconnected for weeks. When she switched it on again, the monitor is blank except for the following message when on of the panel button is pressed:

"In Power Save Mode. Please press any button on the keyboard or move the mouse."

But when she does press and button, or move the mouse, nothing happens.

I have checked and re-checked the cables. The mouse and keyboard are connected. I have checked the self-test on the monitor: satisfactory.

So any good ideas?

  johndrew 15:51 19 Jul 2007

I am presuming you have tried <F8> to start in Safe Mode?

You don`t say whether the keyboard and mouse are wired (PS2/USB) or wireless. If they are wireless you could try using wired items - I suggest PS2 rather than USB in case the USB ports are disabled.

Failing that I am a bit stuck unless you can use the <delete> button and get into the BIOS and try to check boot options there.

Whether resetting the CMOS by removing the battery would help I doubt but I`m sure someone here will know.

I think your best shot might be to put the drive into another PC and save everything you need and then do a reinstall.

For the future, get your daughter to shut the PC down rather than leave it in Power Saving mode for a quick start up!!

  Technotiger 15:54 19 Jul 2007

You might find something here, courtesy of Google ..

click here

  martin_old 16:14 19 Jul 2007


No tried F8, but am now away from the machine.

The mouse and keyboard are both usb connections.

  crosstrainer 16:19 19 Jul 2007

But monitors will display this message if the VIDEO cable is not correctly plugged in...Check that the lead from the monitor to the graphics card is connected properly

  crosstrainer 16:34 19 Jul 2007

All power leads to the PC itself are connected...Does the PC itself come to life when switched on?

  martin_old 17:20 19 Jul 2007

It never hurts to state the obvious....

The cable from the monitor to the pc is well and truly connected.

When the pc is turned on it powers up (audibly) quite normally. Just no screen!

  crosstrainer 17:50 19 Jul 2007

In the original disconnection, it's possible that the graphics card became dislodged from it's slot on the motherboard.

Correcting this involves:

1) opening the pc case

2) identify the graphics card (connected to nonitor at present)

3) Removing the card from it's slot

4) Re-seating the card

Hope this helps

  crosstrainer 18:02 19 Jul 2007

If the machine is still under warranty, opening the case will invalidate this, so I would suggest you contact Dell if this is the case.

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