Unable to get ip address

  objective 05:17 18 Jan 2011

Hiya - thanks to all for this forum. Its solved many problems for me just by searching previous posts.
But now I'm stuck. I have a PC that has been wirelessly connecting to my WPA-PSK protected router for months. Now I have a PC that can see my router, but is continually searching for an ip address.

For reason I shall outline later, I thought it a good idea to explore Bridge Connections in Network Connections. Yep, this is when it all went wrong & I can't find the way back.

I've searched and found a couple of entries that 'mgmcc' answered in the past. Ive reloaded the WPA key- no joy.

I've entered a static ip address in TCP/IP properties, and I get a stable connection, but can't access the internet (I get no ping from ibm.com, browsers cant access web, Outlook reports error (0x80042108) - interestingly just for incoming messages.

I have DHCP enabled.

I have a Leaf N/w Adapted active - which I don't know much about, but I didn't think>> it was present before . . . ??

I'd really appreciate any ideas. I rely on this PC and I'll really hurt if I can't solve this silly problem asap.

Thanks good people, appol. for being long winded.


  mgmcc 10:31 18 Jan 2011

>>> I thought it a good idea to explore Bridge
>>> Connections in Network Connections. Yep, this
>>> is when it all went wrong & I can't find the way back.

If you've bridged connections, you'll have connections in the bridge and the bridge itself. Right click each of the connections in turn and select 'Remove from bridge'. Then right click the Bridge itself and select Delete.

Make sure the Wireless Network Connection's TCP/IPv4 settings are configured to get both IP and DNS addresses automatically.

Then delete any existing wireless "profiles" and go through the procedure to Connect again.

See if that gets you sorted.

  objective 17:49 18 Jan 2011

Many thanks mgmcc - I've done the bridge deletion and tried the auto detection of ip address, and DNS which I didn't think about. Rebooted, and no joy.
I've just tried the static address:, subnet and rebooted, and I'm connected !
Typing on your website now via my own PC.
Thank you very much - I've solved my immediate problem (I can work today) although I really should get back to getting ip addresses automatically.

At least I can search a little for myself now, but any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

btw. why did you specify TCP/IPv4 ?

Again, many thanks


  mgmcc 08:34 19 Jan 2011

If you have to manually configure the addresses, that suggests that somehow allocation by DHCP isn't working. However, using the addresses you've assigned isn't a problem, many users actually prefer to allocate particular addresses themselves.

The reason I specified TCP/IPv4 is that this is the version currently used. In XP it's just called TCP/IP but in Vista and Windows 7 is it shown as Version 4.

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