Unable to get internet via wireless (Belkin)router

  EmmaC 21:51 21 Aug 2006

Not used this forum before, my only hope?? Not very up on all this technical talk but looking for someone to help....please! Got a new laptop, already have 2 in house which are connected to internet via a wireless router, Belkin N10117 / F5D7230-4. Both other laptops link fine. Mine picks up and connects to the Belkin connection, signal strength excellent, but when I try getting onto the internet, comes up page cannot be displayed and sometimes flicks to work offline. Have manually entered IP address etc, same as other laptops and have changed last digit. All settings etc identical to laptops but unable to connect even though picking up Belkin signal. Can any1 help?

  FelixTCat 22:30 21 Aug 2006


Have you set the laptop's firewall to allow the network IP addresses?



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  EmmaC 22:33 21 Aug 2006

Please excuse me for being bit behind time, how do I do that? I've switched firewall on as says recommended? Thanks Emma.

  FelixTCat 22:58 21 Aug 2006


I presume that you are using the Win XP firewall? Go to Control Panel - Windows Firewall - Advanced and make sure that Wireless Network Connection is ticked.

It would also be better if you did not enter the IP address manually, but set the connection to obtain an IP address ans a DNS server address automatically.



  EmmaC 23:05 21 Aug 2006

Hi, set to automatically obtain IP address but status stays as acquiring network address even though signal strength still says excellent. IP address within properties has now come up as all zero's and says invalid IP address. Tried repairing connection but does not seem to progress beyond Windows is renewing your IP address. System seems to have frozen at that point.

  FelixTCat 23:14 21 Aug 2006


Check that you are using the same Workgroup name as the other pcs but a different Full computer name.

If you are using Windows to manage the wireless connection, double-click on the wireless network icon and click View Wireless Networks. Highlight your connection and click Connect.



  EmmaC 23:29 21 Aug 2006

Yes, same workgroup name and have own computer name. Have connected to Belkin connection, signal strength excellent all the time. Just when I click on internet, comes up page cannot be displayed. Internet works on other 2 laptops in house and on main PC, on which internet is currently on. Regards, Emma.

  FelixTCat 23:36 21 Aug 2006


Double-click on the wireless icon and click on Support. What are the 2 network addresses?

If there is an address against Default gateway, copy that address into Internet Explorer's address bar and click Go. Do you get the router's setup page?



  EmmaC 23:43 21 Aug 2006

In support, says:
Physical address: 00-13-02-5E-9C-82
IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS Server:
WINS Server:

Have tried putting into explorer address bar but waits for ages then continues with page cannot be displayed. Shall I do that from the PC or only my laptop? Emma.

  mgmcc 07:02 22 Aug 2006

What are the IP addresses of the other computers that can get online via the router? Belkin routers normally have the IP address and I would have expected your network to have "2" as the third octet of its IP addresses, although the range can be changed.

  ade.h 16:25 22 Aug 2006

That's right; the client list should run from 2.2 onwards.

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