Unable to get on the internet.

  Chas49 14:17 16 Jul 2008

Last week we had the bother with a Microsoft Patch which resulted in everyone having this problem. Downloading the latest Zonealarm cured that and, in my case, I have no bothers since doing that.
My neighbour, on the other hand, is.

On Sunday last, I updated his computer when he complained that he couldn't get one the Internet, both with his desktop and his laptop, both of which are using XP Pro. When I left the computers were both working correctly. I'm told that the desktop continued to work Ok until Tuesday afternoon but when switched on again on Tuesday evening the internet could not be reached.

System Restore has resolved this temporarily but I suspect that the trouble, whatever it is, will reoccur.

It would appear that the computer has a problem other than that cured by the new Zonewall, but what.

  Ditch999 16:48 16 Jul 2008

Disable Zonealarm and download the latest Zonealarm from their website click here
Then uninstall the MS patch KB951748 from add/remove programmes.
Install new ZA.
Do the MS updates again.

  Ditch999 16:49 16 Jul 2008

"Disable" in the first line should be Uninstall.

  cocteau48 17:35 16 Jul 2008

If installing the latest version of ZoneAlarm there is no need to disable or uninstall the existing version.
Installing the new version "over the top" gives you the choice during installation of "upgrade" or "fresh install".
Choose upgrade and all should be well.

  Chas49 20:45 16 Jul 2008

This is I did to my own XP machine when I read the post explaining why the Internet suddenly became inaccessible. I repeated the process on both of his machines.

My own machine, as a result of the Zonealarm 483 download is working OK.

His machines also worked properly after the fix, the desktop developed this fault between switching off the machine on Tuesday afternoon and switching on again a couple of hours or so later. Going back a couple of days by means of System Restore appears to have cured it.

I find it hard to believe that the something has undone the work I carried out on it. I suspect that the user of the computer (the neighbour's daughter) may have done something which has caused the current problem but if that is true then she is hardly likely to adnit it!

I have no idea what is happening to her dad's laptop as he works away from home during the week. No doubt when he returns next weekend he will tell me if that too is in trouble

Ditch999: I am of the same opinion as cocteau48 as to replacing Zonealarm. The Zonealarm program downloaded is the whole program, judging from its size, and does, when you use the upgrade method simply replace altered files. I may be wrong of course <g>

Thanks to you both.

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