Unable to get display on new Mobo/cpu bundle

  gartoye 16:51 22 Oct 2006

Hi Ive been trying to get up & running on my now Intel duo E6300 & Asus P5V VM DH & an unable to get anything to display, Ive got the mobo with installed heatsink & fan on the table, the only things connected are the atx plug (with 24 pin converter), the square 4pin mobo plug & the power on button. cpu fan spins & mobo power on light is lit, but I get 1 long beep followed by 2 short beeps.
I was intending to get the pc up & running with the onboard graphics then install my new Radeon X700 afterwards, but I cant get a display at all. Theres no mention of what the beeps mean in the mobo manual, had a hunt on the web for award bios beepcodes & apparently the above sequence of beeps means video adapter error. I installed the radeon x700 but get the same code on start up (though graphics card fan did spin). I do not have a post card & cant think of anything else to try, the psu is also brand new (500w) & Ive no reason to expect this to be at fault. Cleared cmos several times & also tried to startup without memory installed just to try & get a different beepcode but its just the same, 1 long beep followed by 2 short. Theres no mention of the exact Bios version that I can find in the manual or on Asus website, a couple of people on the Asus support site say they needed to update bios to get mobo to recognise the cpu, but how am I supposed to do this without a display?, also this board is supposed to be Duo ready.
Decided the mobo was faulty so went out to get a replacement - yes youve guessed it PC world dont stock any 775 boards & neither do Maplins. Ebuyer have the exact same board in stock so am intending to order for next day del but just thought I would put a post here, any suggestions much appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 17:13 22 Oct 2006
  gartoye 17:21 22 Oct 2006

Ive checked out the link & it confirms 1 long & 2 short beeps means video adapter error. What puzzles me is this board has onboard grahics, I also get the same code with the radeon x700 installed. According to another helpsite you cant update bios if you cant get past the post, so I assume the motherboard is indeed faulty.

  gartoye 18:13 22 Oct 2006

Does a PS2 keyboard & mouse have to be connected to pass POST? As I mentioned above I only had the minimum connected on the table, I figured the above wasnt nessessary as they are mostly usb now & usb isnt recognised until you are past POST & into the OS. Is this the case?

  gartoye 17:40 23 Oct 2006

Hi pc advisors still struggling with my new duo processor & board, Ive had a response from Asus saying if the board & cpu are incompatible they suggest installing a single core cpu in order to update the Bios (if indeed they arent yet compatible) but what I want to ask you guys is how far through post does an incompatible board & cpu get?
Ive only had this situation once before & when fitted the sys was completely dead, no beeps no cpu fan nothing (I solved this with a different board), but as per above comms this board lights up, the cpu fan turns & I get 1 long & 2 short beeps, Ive ordered another board off ebuyer which arrives tomorrow but Im not going out & buying another cpu on the off chance it will enable me to update bios to get the duo recognised, I'll end up with piles of hardware I dont need!
Please can someone offer some advice as to how I can confirm compatibility, it says it is on the box & I bought the cpu & mobo as a budnle (cpu not installed) woodchip ade.h I need your help!

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