Unable to get connection with Broadband modem

  southpaw 19:22 03 Sep 2007


I have a PC and a laptop.

I am using Windows XP on both.

Tiscali Broadband. No problems with the laptop but am unable to get it working on the PC.

I have loaded the software and thought that was fine. Green lights on the modem suggest all is fine but the PC doesn't seem to be allowing connection.

Also I'm not totally sure it has located the modem? Although the PC seems to power the modem fine I'm not so sure it recognises it.

I'm not totally clued up on this. What should I be seeing in Internet settings and what should I do?

  woodchip 19:27 03 Sep 2007

How are they connected to the Router

  southpaw 19:32 03 Sep 2007

With a usb cable.

There is no router. I either plug in the PC or plug in the laptop.

I have no had a connection on the pc yet.

  ICF 20:02 03 Sep 2007

How to install a speedtouch modem

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:07 03 Sep 2007

Have you check IE-tools-options-connection and ensured that 'always dial my default connection' is ticked and that the BB modem is listed as default?


  southpaw 20:48 03 Sep 2007

Still no luck.

I have the installion disc which was no problem on the laptop.

BUT on the PC the plug and play finds new hardware i.e the Speed Touch 330 found.

Then it asks for software, doesn't find anything on the installion disc and therefore doesn't find the modem.

This seems to be the stumbling block.

I wondered if there was a USB problem with the PC but it always picks up the fact it has found new hardware but then......

  Jak_1 20:59 03 Sep 2007

Have you tried installing the modem software from the disk before attatching the modem? I used to have to do that with my old Speedtouch modem shaped liked a turquoise mantaray. It would not install if the modem was attached.

  southpaw 21:01 03 Sep 2007

I have tried both with plugged in and not plugged in. Same problem either way.

  v1asco 21:08 03 Sep 2007

I had this problem with virgin a while back. All I had to do was unplug the modem power for a few seconds.

So yesterday I had to get BB working on my sons new laptop. Plugged in cable(ethernet) put on power and 2 mins later all was working. No software required.

Maybe you will be lucky?

  southpaw 21:35 03 Sep 2007

Not sure what you mean.

The PC is a friends machine and they have BT broadband hub. Had no luck connecting with wireless or with cable.

So I have tried setting it up with my BB and am having the above problems.

  southpaw 18:46 04 Sep 2007

Hi guys

Any other ideas to try?

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