Unable to get both channels from soundcard

  gartoye 23:23 14 Sep 2006

Hi, my soundcard has two main outputs, front out & rear out. Upto now ive just had my pc speakers plugged into front-out (coloured green) & havent touched rear-out (coloured black). I now want to use rear-out for headphones on some DJ software but cant get this other channel going, please help. In Virtual DJ Pro I have applied the settings for this configuration (its all colour-coded & has a little picture of the same sound card, speaker & headphones arrangement as mine), in windows sounds & audio devices I have set the speaker options to Quadrophonic speakers as advised in the instructions. Windows also says the driver for the soundcard (cm18738/c3dx PCI Audio device) is upto date & working properly. Everything appears to be in order but it just doesnt work. I cant get anything out of rear-out(the mic works fine), tried different headphones, all the different speaker options in audio devices in windows control panel, the dj software package itself has loads of different setup options for sound output but as I mentioned its clearly marked & Im sure its set up correctly, please advise something else I can try, many thanks.

  vinnyT 12:47 15 Sep 2006

Have you tried the hpones in the front socket (to make sure that they are working), if they work there and you are only using them for the dj sware, then swapping them around when you need to shouldn't be too much trouble.

Are you sure that there isn't a socket marked for the hphones on the back, I ask this as I think that usually the black sockets are sp/dif digital.

At least this will move you to the top page;-)

Hope this helps.

  Stuartli 13:18 15 Sep 2006

On some motherboards you have to alter a jumper setting to switch the output from the front to the rear sockets.

Check the motherboard's manual.

  gartoye 21:36 15 Sep 2006

Hi, thanks for the responses.
Ive tried headphones in f-out & they work fine, but I cant swap round as i need both f-out & r-out going, one channel for the main music & the other to pre-listen on the headphones.'R-OUT' is stamped on the metal next to the black socket, which does correspond with the diagram of the software configuration I want. You can also select to connect the plugs vice-versa which I tried but (youve guessed it) this time just the headphones worked & not the speakers.
The mobo is an ECS K7S5A which jumperwise just has Clear CMOS, Keyboard on & Wake on LAN. Ive kept the onboard 97 disabled as theres only one output on the mobo(line out).
Its software problems that always get me stumped, Im 99.99% sure all my wires are in the right holes & all the hardware & software Ive got supports what I want to do, yet somewhere hidden in an options box inside an advanced options box theres something I havent done - & I cant find it. Thanks again for your suggestions, any more will be appreciated.

  Stuartli 00:02 16 Sep 2006

As I used to have an Elite P6BXT-A+ motherboard with a C-Media 8738 onboard sound chipset (an excellent device only bettered, and not by much, by the Realtek equivalents), I checked out your mobo's specification (click here).

As I suspected, your sound is an onboard C-Media 8738 chipset - if you have also installed a C-Media PCI sound card equivalent (cm18738/c3dx PCI Audio device), this is where you problems may lie.

Check that the onboard sound has been Disabled in the Bios as there may be a clash.

  gartoye 12:59 17 Sep 2006

Thanks for the response Stuarti, I dont know a great deal about the souncard, its £15 cheap one I bought about a year ago purely so Ive got 'a soundcard' rather than just running off the oboard. Pulled it out of the systenm for more details & had a good look, it just says 'Made in China' with no other serial numbers or anything. It has its own jumper for 'C/Bass'. There is a socket on the back of the card marked C/Bass, I guess thats for a woofer & the jumper changes the way it sounds (unless someone tells me otherwise). Im not using this socket in my attempts to get two channels going, as I mentioned above Im using R Out & F Out as my software Guide instructs.
I double-checked the bios settings & the onboard 97 is disabled, but Im now thinking that this mobo is gettting on a bit & Ive got a hunch that the mobo IS at fault. I know theres two different sound channels running on the system when Im using the software (I wouldnt be able to mix otherwise) but I reckon for some reason only one channel is running along the PCI bus to the soundcard. Just looking at new motherboards most of em have 7.1 onboard & audio sockets galore on the I/O, am I wasting my time?

  Stuartli 13:29 17 Sep 2006

Your current soundcard will have the same C-Media 8738 chipset as the onboard sound.

Most modern mobos have onboard sound and for most people it proves more than adequate - my Elite C-Media 8738 onboard sound was used for several years and provided excellent, transparent sound that only lacked the overall body of a Creative SoundBlaster Live! I later used.

My current board has the Realtek onboard sound and I've just started using it after needing the SoundBlaster Live!'s PCI slot. I haven't noticed very much different with my IBM 2.1 speakers.

C-Media has brought out much more advanced onboard and PCI chipsets since the 8738 days and they are well respected both for quality and keen pricing.

  gartoye 23:10 17 Sep 2006

Well thats it then new mobo its is, thanks again ticking resolved.

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