Unable to establish a connection (Pipex)

  Halmer 13:14 12 Feb 2005

My BB wouldn't connect today. It was OK last thing last night.

I tried to dial up using the old internal modem using a different isp with no luck. The Pipex helpline tells me that there is an BT outage in the north west which is near.

I have dialled up with my lad's PC no problem (this is how I am posting this).

I have XP. Can anyone suggest anything please. I cannot get through to Pipex and I think that they close down soon anyway today.

  Halmer 13:17 12 Feb 2005

and it had connected sorry. Sod's law I suppose.

Don't know why the modem wouldn't dial up either tho'.

  Halmer 13:19 12 Feb 2005

is that because I posted it from my lad's PC?

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