Unable to edit photos

  DANZIG 08:41 02 May 2010

I've just got myself a new camera.

Its great, but for some reason the photos that I take on it, when I transfer them to my PC cause issues.

Firstly, Vista tells me I need administrator access to copy them to my laptop - why??

Also when I finally get them on to the lappy, windows says I can't edit them and when I open them with PSP2 and get to edit them, I try and save them and the program says 'the file name is invalid'.

What is happening???

  Kevscar1 08:50 02 May 2010

How do you copy them. I stick my card in the reader and drag and drop.
Instead of save try save as and make them JPG files.

  DANZIG 08:59 02 May 2010

With my previous camera, I used the 'drag and drop' way with no issue - this is causing issues. Right clicking on the file from the card brings up a load of options ('save as' isn't one of them).

Trying to save an edited version of the pictures from PSP2 brings up a message saying 'This file is read only'.


  DANZIG 09:32 02 May 2010

Just been fiddling around with it and noticed that the message wasn't 'this FILE is read only', it was actually 'this FOLDER is read only' which I assume means the external HD that I save my photo's on.

Gone into the 'properties' of said folder and had a play with the settings.

It seems to have worked - for now!

Strange though, never had this issue before

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