Unable to disconnect from cable broadband internet

  wobblymike 10:12 16 Dec 2004

I have just got blue yonder cable broadband - I note in the flashing TV connection (bottom right)that the option to disconnect is not there only the option to disable. I appreciate it is an always on connection but I know that e.g. BT Broadband gives the option to disconnect just as in dial up via a right click on the connection icon. I cannot believe there is no way to disconnect from broadband without disabling the connection. Can anyone help

  Jeffers22 10:19 16 Dec 2004

unplug the cable? turn off power to the modem?

  wobblymike 10:23 16 Dec 2004

yep I could do that of course but I am loth to believe I have to resort to that just to disconnect - as another option does anyone know how I can prevent it connecting automatically on start up - I have been into MSCONFIG and checked the start up tab but there is nothing obvious in it that I could stop

  billyliv 10:43 16 Dec 2004

Hi, Just being curious. Why do you want to disconnect something you are paying for? Cheers, Bill

  TomJerry 10:58 16 Dec 2004

right click network icon on bottom right of your desktop and disable it.

If you do not have this network icon, you need to get into network connection set up to tick the icon.

  ACOLYTE 11:06 16 Dec 2004

I think the option to disconnect is not there because you cant turn off the connection to the net from a Ethernet port only disable the connection to it,works pretty much the same way as disconnect.I dont think there will be an entry for it in msconfig as the port runs from device manager you could i suppose dissable it there.Also have you checked in network connections there may be a internet connection in there and you may need to tick show icon when connected for it to show on taskbar.

  hssutton 11:22 16 Dec 2004

With my old USB modem there was the option to disconnect, but since changing to an ethernet modem this facility is no longer available.

As I'm a little paranoid, when the PC will not be in use for several hours, I just hit the disable at bottom right of monitor, then re-enable when required.

  billyliv 11:44 16 Dec 2004

Hi, hssutton, Just for devilment I tried that and ended up doing a system restore. Disable your network and your icon disappears. Cheers, Bill

  whatsupdoc 12:11 16 Dec 2004

why cant you use zone alarm and use the internet lock on that.

  TomJerry 15:18 16 Dec 2004

Why do not you just right click the network icon on the right bottom of desktop to see what happen?

  polish 18:26 16 Dec 2004

if you cannot use the monitor icon in the bottom right try going to network connections and there is a option to enable or disable in there i have a shortcut on my desktop because if it is always on i have had various attempts with trojans etc to gain access so although not paying extra if on all the time it is sometimes worth disabling to reduce intrusions attempts

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