unable to delete program

  ricky J 10:02 17 Sep 2005

Hello everyone,
Running XP pro on an okish laptop, having trouble removing my mobile phone software for nokia 6230, i go through control panel to remove program and the uninstall feature begins, after a few sec it tells me that the program has been removed, i then restart computer only to find it still populating the list of programs!

Any ideas?

  ACOLYTE 10:07 17 Sep 2005

Click it again you may get a box telling you its been removed and asking if the entry should be removed from add/remove.

  Sans le Sou 11:16 17 Sep 2005

If you are brave you may want to delve into the registry and see if it has left a lump of settings there, also may still be in your programs folder, you can delete from there too.

  ianeon 12:39 17 Sep 2005

Use a "registry cleaner" programme to clear out all the debris left behind - that might help

  ricky J 10:52 18 Sep 2005

Thanks for your advice. However, still no joy in romoving it...have run regscrupXP and still no joy. I'm not experienced enough to delve into the registry, but any tips greatly recieved. Can't understand why the uninstall feature built into the software will not do its job?! Its very annoying!

  johnnyrocker 11:19 18 Sep 2005

safe mode?


  ricky J 09:52 19 Sep 2005

tried deleting in safe mode, but get the following error message....Error 1719 unable to find windows installer system?! Any ideas what i should infer from this?

  Sans le Sou 16:01 19 Sep 2005

as you have already deleted the programme it cannot find the installer/uninstaller. You could try reinstalling the software and then removing it in safe mode or you could simply not worry about it. Do you have some residual files in your programme folder.

  woodchip 16:15 19 Sep 2005

To remove follow these step's closely, go to start\find\files or folders type in the box Nokia 6230 click enter key delete all the entry's it finds with Nokia 6230 in it. Next go to start run type regedit and press enter, go to menu under edit click find in the box type Nokia 6230 and press enter it will bring up only one entry at a time, press delete key then click ok to confirm to go to next entry press F3 and delete do this until you get to the end of the registry. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE IN THE REGISTRY other than Nokia 6230 then reboot your computer

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