Unable To Delete IE8 History

  babybell 14:59 04 Jun 2009

I have a strange problem with the history in IE8. When I click the down arrow on the address bar it shows the websites i've visited, then a line followed by my history then a line and my favourites. I ran CCleaner and when i reopened IE8, the sites had gone but history was still there. I then tried cleaning through IE8 Internet settings, ticked all the boxes and ran cleanup, but my history is STILL there! I don't want to have to click the red X next to each line individually as it will take forever! Anyone know whats wrong?

  babybell 15:02 04 Jun 2009

I've just clicked the red x's next to the history lines shown (about 5 of them) and they went. Click the drop down arrow again and the history is refreshed with the exact same sites/pages. So it seems that the history in there at the moment wont clear at all?

  Clapton is God 15:03 04 Jun 2009

Did you actually tick the Internet History option in CCleaner?

  babybell 15:13 04 Jun 2009

Yes, I have all boxes ticked bar the options right near the end. Even the cleaner within IE8 isn't removing the items. Its bizarre.

  john bunyan 16:51 04 Jun 2009

Have you read this ?:
click here

  babybell 21:36 08 Jun 2009

I've tried that and still no luck, does anyone else have this problem?

  bobbybluenose 21:41 08 Jun 2009

try downloading revo unistaller and running it this may help

  T I M B O 22:36 08 Jun 2009

what version of ccleaner do you have ? v2.20.920 is the latest.

  bobbybluenose 22:41 08 Jun 2009

i have v2.14.70 do you have a link please.

  Sea Urchin 00:13 09 Jun 2009

Update CCleaner from within the program - see Check for Updates on bottom bar

  babybell 11:10 09 Jun 2009

Am I right in thinking that the CCleaner question was directed at me, or has my post been hijacked?

In either case I am running the very latest CCleaner and it will still not clear my history.

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