Unable to copy very large file to hard drive

  fishmad pete 11:59 01 Jul 2004

I have currently two 60G hard drives fitted in my computer one of them has a 11G video file on it which I want to move over to the other drive. However even though there is over 52G available on the second drive explorer insists saying that there is not enough space to copy the files over.
The first drive is my main drive and is running XP in NTFS format. the second drive is still a FAT drive. Any ideas please????

  Chegs ® 12:03 01 Jul 2004

It might be due to the FAT filesystem,its not so clever at big files as NTFS.If its possible,try converting it to NTFS.

  GroupFC 12:32 01 Jul 2004

I might be wrong but I recall reading somewhere that FAT system has a 4GB file size limit, so I'm with Chegs ® on this one!

  stlucia 12:39 01 Jul 2004

Yes, my video camera stops downloading when it reaches the 4Mb limit (Win 98SE, FAT32). So, since you've proved that NTFS can handle larger files, converting your other drive to NTFS would seem to be the only solution.

  GroupFC 13:20 01 Jul 2004

"4Mb limit"!! GB surely! - no wonder I find video editing such a chore -LOL!

  stlucia 13:24 01 Jul 2004

Gigs, Megs, my typing fingers don't know the difference. You're right, of course!

  fishmad pete 13:58 01 Jul 2004

Thanks to all. Had total forgotten about the file size limitation of fat32. Converted the drive to ntfs and hey presto I can now copy the file over. Many thanks again, this forum has come to my rescue yet again.

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