Unable to copy files

  planner12345 12:59 19 May 2003

My problem is, when I try to move (cut and paste) a file fron one folder to another I get a message saying
cannot move or delete this file it is being used by another person or program and I know that it is not because I am the only one on the machine.
I would be grateful for anyone who can shed light on this problem for me

  BigMoFoT 13:53 19 May 2003

Are you using any file sharing program such as Kazaa which the file came from? This may have priority over the file - are you cutting and pasting or dragging and dropping?

  Lú-tzé 14:06 19 May 2003

Are they video files? If so, it may be dificult to move them because of the preview mode in Windows Explorer.

Some options:

a - turn off the preview mode (i.e. the ability to view video / graphics etc when they are clicked on).

b - use command lines to move the files if possible.

c - use a replacement file manager (the one which was in win3.1 is still in WinXP but I can't think of the name of it now)

There may be other options but I can't think of one at the moment...

  planner12345 14:08 19 May 2003

Thanks BigMoFot
Yes it is a file from a file sharing program, but the file sharing program is not running, so it cannot take priority ?

  NadineCoyleRocks 15:21 19 May 2003

Is this on Windows XP? I have seen this problems loads of times and not just with video files.

  Lú-tzé 15:41 19 May 2003

NadineCoyleRocks - video, audio and large bitmaps are usually the cause, but so too can large html files or whatever Windows tries to preview.

  planner12345 16:10 19 May 2003

NadineCoyleRocks it is WinXp, do you know how to sort it

  jon2 18:21 19 May 2003

instead of useing copy try useing "move file"

  NadineCoyleRocks 11:00 20 May 2003

No i didnt resolve it but my problems differs slightly as I'm on a network, deleting files from a file server.

click here have a lot of good ideas on this. give them a go

  planner12345 12:47 20 May 2003

Thanks Nadine
I have spent the past hour or so looking at the site you sent me to and have picked up lots of promising solutions, I will try them this evening and let you know how I get on

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