Unable to connect to wireless connection

  debbpic 16:33 09 Nov 2008

I have a new BT Homehub and have successfully connected my PC and my son's X-box but I also have a laptop. It has a wireless adapter card (D-Link 650+) and it is picking up between one and up to eight local wireless connections from neighbours. My Homehub is found but there is only one bar and it will not connect at all. I have entered the WEP key correctly. The D-Link Air Plus 650+ card is working correctly and I have even reinstalled the driver for this. I just cannot understand why it can pick up such strong signals from others but a weak one from my own in the same room and it will not connect!

I have been asked by BT to try and connect to the laptop with the wire but the plug on the ethernet cabel does not fit the back of the laptop. So there stands the other problem!

Any help would be appreciated.

  brundle 19:33 09 Nov 2008

Change the wireless channel, 1 6 and 11 are the only ones to bother with (all other channels overlap to some extent in terms of frequency range).
Move the hub to a higher location, ensure it's not near a large flat metal surface or a source of interference such as a cordless phone or microwave.

Loads to read here aside from the channel changing link I'm posting; click here

  debbpic 19:41 09 Nov 2008

thanks brundle - but how do I change the wireless channel?

Thank you

  brundle 19:52 09 Nov 2008

Access the interface from a computer connected with a cable; click here

If you have a recent Homehub your password will be the WEP key printed on the hub itself.

To change the Home Hub's Wi-fi channel, logon as Admin, then go to Advanced > Wireless > Configure > "Channel Selection:".

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