Unable to connect to website

  Old Geeza 14:52 03 Oct 2007

Win XP service pack 2, IE7/Firefox

I am unable to connect to one website which I have constantly used...all other sites open whithout any problems, this only happened last night. I know that the site is ok as friends have been able to get to the site. I have installed Firefox to see if it was a problem with IE7 but it also is unable to connect to the site.I have had conversations with my ISP but nothing has helped ie doing a DNS flush and IP log flush, any ideas folks.

  mgmcc 15:16 03 Oct 2007

Try entering the site's IP address into your browser instead of its name. To find its IP address, "ping" it:

Open a Command Prompt window ("Start > Run", type CMD and click OK) and at the prompt type PING followed by the domain. For example:

ping google.co.uk

gets a reply and shows its IP address as so the page can be accessed by typing into your browser (without the spaces):

http : //

  Old Geeza 15:29 03 Oct 2007

have tried that before and unable to ping...I know the site is ok, as I said friends are able to open the site. I still think its a DNS problem but am unable to resolve it

  birdface 17:17 03 Oct 2007

More likely to be a Firewall or cookie problem.Try Tools Internet Options .Privacy.Sites.Type the address of the website and press Allow.Ok.Apply.Ok. see if that helps.

  Old Geeza 17:36 03 Oct 2007

Thanks guys, sorted the problem....finally got my ISP to give me a DNS server address to use and its now working.

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