Unable to connect to socks proxy server

  I-W 15:15 21 Jan 2006

Since Iv installed a netgear DG834G i'v been unable to connect to ebay or sign on to my msn account. When ever I sign into msn I get the following "unable to connect to socks proxy server. Check your proxy server settings" Not having had a look at the settings before I don't know what they were in the first place. Can anyone please help? I'm running windows xp and and using AOL as an isp. I have the same problem when going through AOL onto msn. I'v tried different modem routers and a different modem all with the same result. Turning off the firewall has no effect either.

  ade.h 15:30 21 Jan 2006

Okay, well the first thing to remember is that if you are a home user, you will be very unlikely indeed to be connecting to the net through a proxy, unless perhaps you use your employer's corporate VPN. You need to enter the router config - ask me if you don't know how - and make sure that the proxy server settings are not enabled. You also need to do the same check on your borwser (if it is not IE) and XP's own net connection settings and network settings, which are two different but loosely related things.

  I-W 15:49 21 Jan 2006

I'm not of a vpn, I just network 3 pc. How do I enter the router config?

  ade.h 16:02 21 Jan 2006

I had to help someone fix a DG834G fairly recently, but bear with me if I remember any settings incorrectly; first, enter into your browser's address bar. Your router config page will appear. If you have passworded it - which I strongly advise you to do once your current issue is sorted out - you'll be asked for the password at this point. Scroll down the left pane to see the server settings.

  I-W 16:08 21 Jan 2006

Sorry, no server setting.

  ade.h 16:17 21 Jan 2006

All routers must have a setting that you use to tell the router that you connect through a proxy. The router needs to know that as part of your ISP service details.

  ade.h 16:25 21 Jan 2006

Have you had any luck with the host PC's settings yet?

Let me know if you need help finding them.

  I-W 19:32 21 Jan 2006

How do I find them?

  I-W 19:34 21 Jan 2006

I'm only have the problems with ebay and msn. I can get on to all other sites.

  ade.h 20:20 21 Jan 2006

Control Panel, Network Connections.

Control Panel, Internet Options.

  I-W 20:23 21 Jan 2006

OK Done that still nothing.

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