Unable to connect to router via internet browser

  Tweespruit 14:05 31 Aug 2006


I've recently bought a
Cable & Wireless
Wireless 11g ADSL router
Model no: ADSLR10CW3

I have been able to connect to the internet through my PC via Ethernet connection and with my laptop through wireless connection. In order to set up the wireless connection I had to change the "Channel" of the router from 10 to 6 so that my laptop would detect the wireless network. Since then I have been unable to connect to the router via an internet browser.

When installing the router I used click here to connect to the router but now when I type this into the browser nothing happens and it gets timed out.

I've checked the network connection details
Physical Address: 00-14-85-3F-75-BC
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DHCP Server:
Lease Obtained: 31/08/2006 09:44:36
Lease Expires: 01/09/2006 09:44:36
DNS Server:
WINS Server:

Have tried all of the above with no luck.

Please can you help me out as I need to configure my router to set up security.

Thank you

  Fingees 14:29 31 Aug 2006

I presume the browser is the one on your desktop pc..

Have you changed the channel on the PC to the same one as the Laptop?

Unless of course your desktop will scan automatically.

  Tweespruit 15:17 31 Aug 2006

Thanks for your response.

I can not get the router information up on either my desktop PC or laptop's browser.

I did not change the channel on my PC as when I installed the ADSL router via Ethernet to the PC I was able to connect to the internet immediately. I had problems setting up the wireless connection and only when I changed the channel (from 10 to 6) in the Wireless settings on the router did the laptop (running on XP) pick up the Wireless Network.

As the PC is not connected wirelessly I assumed there was no channel to change. The PC is only connected via a local area connection.

Apologies if I don't make myself clear.

  €dstowe 15:23 31 Aug 2006

The IP address ( to connect to the router looks odd are you sure that is correct?

  Tweespruit 15:36 31 Aug 2006

That is the IP address that was given with the installation instructions and that I used during the installation. Also is the address I used to configure the router by changing the 'channel' in 'Wireless settings'.

I assume there is no standard/generic IP address to connect to routers?

  €dstowe 17:11 31 Aug 2006

I'm not an expert on connecting routers although I have installed a few. The IP address I've used in the past to connect to the router has been on the lines of I'm not suggesting your address will be the same as that, just that it didn't seem to relate to ones I've seen before.

Note have you seen this? click here may be of some help.

  Tweespruit 19:18 31 Aug 2006

Thanks €dstowe

Will try that out

  Kate B 20:18 31 Aug 2006

The subnet mask looks wrong, too - it's usually

  Tweespruit 21:22 31 Aug 2006

Kate B. If the subnet mask was wrong would I still be able to connect to the internet?

After reading through the link from €dstowe I've come to realise that there are a lot of strange things about this router. Although it does seem like these numbers are correct.

The puzzling thing is that I was able to connect to the router using IP address and currently have no problem connecting to the internet. I've tried a few IP addresses starting 10.0. and 192.68. but still no luck...!

  ed-0 21:33 31 Aug 2006

There was / is a thread in networking with the same router /setup. Can't be sure because I have not read all of it, but some of the settings there resemble Tweespruit settings.

click here

  Tweespruit 21:43 12 Sep 2006

Just to let you know that the problem sorted itself out. I've been away for a few days and when I returned it all worked. That is was able to connect to my router via IP address If anyone has a similar problem in the future then apparently the thing to do is to hard reboot the rooter (although I didn't need to do this in the end). Thanks for all your advice.

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