Unable to connect to internet in Windows 7

  Fleetblue 11:52 07 Nov 2010

I’ll start from the beginning. I have two home PC’S. PCA runs Windows Vista and has a Broadband Cable Modem connection to the internet. PCB ran Windows XP and, having no modem, connected to the internet using an Autotec Cable/DSL Router from PCA.
I recently upgraded PCB to Windows 7 which necessitated a clean installation but now I have no Internet access on PCB.
What I have done.
Using ipconfig /all I checked for an IP address but PCB no longer appears to have one.
Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection
Media State: Media Disconnected
Connection-Specific DNS Suffix: Blank
Description: Intel R> Pro 100 VE Network Connection
Physical Address: 00-13-20-30-6F-03
DHCP Enabled: Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled: Yes
I tried to reconnect to Broadband using my original Username and password but received an Error 651 message.
Changed the raspppoe.sys file to raspppoe_orig.sys and downloaded and installed the Vista raspppoe.sys file. (I’m assuming I’ve done this correctly. Both the raspppoe_orig.sys and the new raspppoe.sys file are in the drivers folder). Still Error 651.
Could I have used the wrong Username and password? Would this have generated an Error 651?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Fleetblue 13:31 07 Nov 2010

124 "rasppoe.sys" change came from a Windows 7 site.

Checked all my cables they are all plugged in and the internet was working perfectly on PCB until I installed Windows 7.

PCB is not connected directly to the router by cable but has an Actiontec 802UIG-1 connection. (sorry it's Actiontec not Autotec). Is this what you mean?

As far as Broadband goes when I select to connect using Broadband it asks for a username and password.

  Fleetblue 14:52 07 Nov 2010

Was showing as "Unknown Device" in Device Manager with ! sign. After downloading and installing the drivers (thanks for that) that has now gone. Now showing PCI Modem with ! sign.
Edit: the wireless device is now showing under Network Adapters as working properly but still no connection? Also showing there is WAN miniport PPPOE with ! sign.

  Fleetblue 14:58 07 Nov 2010

124. Internet now up and running. Many thamks for your help my friend.

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