Unable to connect to Internet or get e-mails

  mikesman 10:05 29 May 2004

Hi, One of my computers has suddenly (Last 2 days) developed a problem that stops me getting on to the Internet or accessing my e-mails(Connected via an ADSL router) none of the settings on the machine have knowingly been altered. When I try to access IE I get the "Cannot find Server" message - as I have it trying to access any site, I can see at the bottom of the screen the the url I am looking for has extras added to it (e.g. extra www and/or extra.com to the end of a url). The appropriate light on the router is flickering as if working normally. Another machine connected to the same router is connecting no p[roblem. ANy help appreciated (Wife driving me crazy!!)

  rawprawn 10:22 29 May 2004

Have you run a check for viruses?

  BBez 10:23 29 May 2004

may be a possible homepage hijack. Download spybot click here and get spyware blaster click here then reboot

  mikesman 10:28 29 May 2004

I have ran done a Norton AV scan - as it happens, the new definitions were downloaded only a short time before the problem was noticed - reslts show no virus. I have also run Spybot which deleted the few files it found but the problem remains.

  mikesman 10:29 29 May 2004

Homepage hijack seems exactly what's happening with IE but how would that affect the e-mail software?

  mikesman 10:31 29 May 2004

for what it's worth, I have also run Ad-Aware

  rawprawn 11:02 29 May 2004
  rawprawn 11:29 29 May 2004

Better still get this it's free and after you have set your homepage it will gaurd it click here

  rawprawn 11:31 29 May 2004

Sorry I forgot, you have had a look at Internet Options to check your home page setting?

  mikesman 11:56 29 May 2004

Yes, have checked home page settings - that's not really the problem - I can't get access to ANY url

  rawprawn 12:10 29 May 2004

Have a look at this, also running system file check seems agood idea. click here

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