Unable to connect to internet

  Molly_Don 18:55 01 Aug 2009

I'm anble to connect to the internet

Not being techie minded, this is what I have, XP / Belkin dongle / netgear router.

On the icons by the clock, thr single monitor has a red cross on it, the belkin is also red, when I right click on the monitor secreen then click repair nothing happens.

  LAP 18:58 01 Aug 2009

You will have a reset button on your router. A very small pin hole usually at the back. I use the head of a large needle, hold this in for a few seconds. Worth a try.

  Molly_Don 19:08 01 Aug 2009


I can't see a reset button however, the router is working as I'm connected using my laptop, the problem I have is with my desktop, under "network connections" nothings showing.

  birdface 19:14 01 Aug 2009

maybe you need to switch it on on the laptop.Sometime it is a switch that you open or a combination of pressing fn and F2.

  Molly_Don 19:15 01 Aug 2009

hi buteman

The problems on my desktop

  birdface 19:17 01 Aug 2009

switch of the modem and Router for 1 minute.Switch the modem back on then 2 minutes later switch the router back on.And ignore my last post.

  birdface 19:20 01 Aug 2009

Or on the computer right click local area connection and press repair.[The two little screens on the Taskbar]

  Pineman100 19:31 01 Aug 2009

A few suggestions:-

First - have you changed anything? Moved the computer or the router, etc.? If so, are you sure you haven't moved out of range of the router?

Next (and I'm sorry if this is flippin' obvious!) are you sure that your dongle is properly plugged in? I presume it's USB?

Try safely removing the dongle (by which I mean follow the Safely Remove Hardware procedure for unplugging USB devices) and then unplug the dongle. Restart the computer. Once it's finished its boot-up routine, plug the dongle back in and let the computer find and install it.

If this doesn't immediately get you connected to the router, restart the computer again (with the dongle left in). I have a Belkin wireless adapter (ie: dongle) and it's terribly unreliable at connecting on first start-up - I frequently have to restart the computer to get it to connect.

If you're still having problems, go to Control Panel, click Classic View, then double-click System. Click the Hardware tab then click the Device Manager button. Scroll down the list of devices and click the + sign beside Network Adapters. You should see your Belkin Wireless USB Adapter listed. Has it got a yellow exclamation mark sign against it? If so, I suggest you reinstall the dongle using the CD that came with it.

If none of that works, I suggest you try the dongle on another computer, and/or try another dongle in your computer. The dongle may be faulty, and this procedure will help you to find out whether it is.

  Molly_Don 19:32 01 Aug 2009

> right click > repair does not work

> Network Connections > Boradband > (1st on list) My ISP, double monitor, greyed out, with a black tick over the monitors

LAN or High-Speed Internet > Double monitor, both blue, with a redX on the monitor also double monitor, both blue, Locl Area Connection, again with a red X on the monitors

My ISP is Virgin BB

  Molly_Don 19:33 01 Aug 2009

Forgot to say > wirekess network connection has a green wireless signal> belkin wireless USB (That's what I have, a Belkin)

  rdave13 19:34 01 Aug 2009

If this is the same PC that's had XP reinstalled you will have to use the Belkin dongle's installation disc again. The information to connect will be found in the Netgear's web page.
Using your laptop type 192. 168. 0.1 (without the space), in your browser, and type admin (for name) and password (for password). This is the default setting so if it's been changed use the new name and password.
You'll find the security key and what type of security, name and password etc., so you can set up the dongle on your desktop.

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