Unable to completely remove MS Antispy - Help

  compumac 21:04 24 Jun 2005

I have been using MS Antispy but I found on a forum that to check it is functioning correctly, one should try and change your homepage. Antispy should then advise you of this change, On my most used PC I there was no indication that the homepage had changed. On both of my older PC's you were onformed of that change. I have removed the programme using Add/remove programmes as well as removing from within Antispy, then reinstalling. Each time I am still able to change the homepage which suggests that some bits of the programme are left behind. Anyone out there with advice as how to correct this in laymans(simple)terms.

  VoG II 21:11 24 Jun 2005

Do you mean that youn are UNable to change the home page? If so click here

  compumac 22:05 24 Jun 2005

No - I can change the homepage without any problem, whereas on the other two PC's, both running MS Antispy, if you change your home page intentionally Antispy alerts you to the fact that the homepage had changed. Which as I understand it is one of the purposes of Antispy in preventing your homepage being hijacked.

  Curio 22:24 24 Jun 2005

From Sunbelt :
"Scenario 1: 1. Both CounterSpy and Microsoft AntiSpyware installed 2. Uninstall CounterSpy 3. Microsoft’s gcasDTServ.dll pegs CPU at 100% and will not end from the task manager.
Workaround: 1. Boot Windows into Safe Mode 2. Launch msconfig and uncheck gcasServ.exe and any other gc*.exe in the startup tab then restart. (If you are not running a version of Windows that has msconfig you can delete the registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\gcasServ) 3. From Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs click on Microsoft AntiSpyware and then click Change 4. In the installer click Update and follow the rest 5. Launch msconfig and check all the unchecked gcas*.exe files (Confirm that gcasServ was added back to the registry at the location above) 6. Reboot 7. All should be better
Scenario 2: 1. Both CounterSpy and Microsoft AntiSpyware installed 2. Uninstall Microsoft AntiSpyware 3. When CounterSpy is launched and an error message is displayed and will not launch.
Workaround: 1. From the Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs click on CounterSpy 2. Click the Change Button 3. In the installer click Update and follow the rest 4. Reboot 5. All should be better
This will be fixed in version 1.5. Before you all ask Smile. It is currently in development and should not take us more then a couple months to release.
Thanks, Phil Owens Product Manager Sunbelt Software"

  compumac 22:35 24 Jun 2005

Thanks - but I do not have Counterspy installed.

  phil 22:53 24 Jun 2005

I had a trial version of Counterspy installed alongside MS Antispy.

So similar they could be identical and that's where the problem I had came from. When the Counterspy trial finished I, naturally, un-installed it because of the similarity. I thought it was plain daft having the same programme running.

The similarity extended to using the same files so it also took half the MS AS files with it. This resulted in MS AS booting up on the PC starting and then hanging, programmes were not able to start and I had to continually close the PC down.

I tried to un-install MS AS but that failed because of missing files.

The only answer was to completely re-format and re-install XP.

It would make sense for the manufacturers/copiers of Counterspy to have some kind of detection code to stop it being installed if MS AS is present on the PC.

Obviously Sunbelts workaround doesn't work.

  compumac 22:57 24 Jun 2005

Thanks, but I have never had Counterspy installed.

  compumac 10:31 25 Jun 2005


  palinka 12:57 25 Jun 2005

I know this is a bit obvious, but have you tried Start>Search>All files & folders >type in name of program? If anything is found, delete it. Then repeat process typing in name of company that produce this program. I've used this method to remove final bits of various programs that otherwise remain.

  compumac 13:05 25 Jun 2005

Thanks - but I have tried that also. Nevertheless appreciate all comments

  Curio 17:09 25 Jun 2005

click here. Was recommended to me on this Forum and it did the biz

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