Unable to change Display colour and size

  andyloran 18:13 18 May 2004

Windows 98se, S3 TRIO 3D. Ihave somehow lost the ability to change my colour. When I do change it and restart my pc, nothing has changed. I am afraid I deleted a file and when I start my pc i get a message saying that it is looking for a file to start norton, it is a system. ini file. When I look in the Windows ini I see that it is all corrupt, so I decided to reinstall Windows 98se. That is when this trouble began. Most things still seem to work ok. I can get online and use all my progs. (I think, I have not tried them all). This is driving me mad. Any help would be appreciated.

  Smegs 18:25 18 May 2004

It sounds to me that you haven't installed the drivers for the card properly. Can you post the file name please?

  andyloran 18:43 18 May 2004

I have reinstalled drivers. It says that the best driver is currently being used. What is the filename you want?

  Fruit Bat 18:52 18 May 2004

Windows using best driver it can find in its own operating system. You need drivers that came with Graphics card/ motherboard if on board graphics. Better yet download the lastest drivers from the manufacturer's web site

  Zak 18:53 18 May 2004

I had similar problems when i reinstalled Win 98se.

You need to make sure you instal the same graphics card driver that you had originally installed before the reinstal.

Windows selects what it thinks is the best but this is not always so.

Also make sure that you have loaded the correct monitor diplay driver if necessary and that the correct monitor details are displayed in Properties / Device Manager.

  Smegs 19:12 18 May 2004
  canard 21:05 18 May 2004

After a Win98 SE reinstall graphics function in 16 colours, Reinstalling the graphics software with its disc should put you back to normal.

  andyloran 10:29 19 May 2004

I tried to diagnose it with DirectX, I even downloaded the new version of it. I got the message 'no direct draw support, code ox887600de.
I do not know what graphics software I have. How do I find out?

  Smegs 10:46 19 May 2004

andyloran, bear with me on the directions I going to give you, I'm running XP. Goto to Control panel, goto Display settings, when in the new window, goto the Settings Tab, click the Advanced Button. Then I get another window come up and I have to click the Adapter Tab, then Properties button. In there, I can see what software/drivers is installed for my G/Card. Another way, Control panel, System, look for Device Manager, when there, you can look for the Display drivers/software version in there. You may have a Yellow ? or ! in there. Have you tried the CLICK HERE I gave you?? You can download the up to date drivers from there.

  andyloran 13:00 19 May 2004

I have dowloaded an updated driver but when I try to change to it it tells me that I am already using the best driver. This is driving me crazy. I have tried the DIRECTX troubleshooting and it tells me there is no directdraw support. No Direct3D. The driver is S3TRIO3D. I will go back and see if there is another driver on that site you gave me.
Thanks for your trouble

  Smegs 14:21 19 May 2004

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