Unable to bookmark any more pages in firefox!!

  julius44 17:32 24 Apr 2007

Good afternoon all, I have 2 major problems....firstly i have over 60 bookmarked sites in firefox, but as of a few days ago...i'm UNABLE to bookmark any more pages whatsoever....i've tried I have no idea why this problem has occured.

Secondly is there any way to DELETE multipple bookmarks in firefox...i now have too many bookmarked pages and i wanna reduce them to about 10 in total....but i also seem to be able to delete 1 at a time....very slow process..i've tried the shift key...but this doesn't seem to help...

  Probabilitydrive 17:55 24 Apr 2007

Unusual not being able to bookmark in FF2. Please provide mor info about; what happens when you bookmark?

To delete bookmarks: click on > Bookmarks > Organise Bookmarks > choose bookmarks to be deleted by > pressing shift key and click (hold shift key and click on another bookmark)

bookmarks to be deleted are highlighted in blue > press 'delete'.

  julius44 19:04 24 Apr 2007

hello probability drive....the problem is still the same...i've highlighted the bookmarks to be deleted, under organize folders.....when i highlight them in blue, and then press the red delete button ALL the bookmarks still seem to be there, even though i close down firefox completely, thwn open it up again, also when I still try and bookmark ANY page.....NOTHING happens when i click on ok.....so i have to just close down the webpage....

  Probabilitydrive 19:09 24 Apr 2007

Try firefox in safe mode. Go to > Start > All programs > firefox > firefox (safe mode) and try again deleting/saving your bookmarks.

FF safe mode runs the browser without any add-ons (which normally cause conflicts)

  julius44 19:19 24 Apr 2007

Hmm funny u mentioned add ones, i have a few in firefox......or do u think i should just remove and re-install it??? I dont really need any of the add ons, just added them for fun

  Probabilitydrive 19:25 24 Apr 2007

Try the 'safe mode' option first. If the problem disappears its likely to having been caused by an add-on. (In which case you have to uninstall one-by-one to find out which one may have caused the problem)

If not: uninstall FF > reboot > reinstall FF
Next: go to click here
and follow the instructions on 'how to create a new profile'

  julius44 08:28 25 Apr 2007

Hi probability drive, could u tell me how to get to saafe mode pls??

  Probabilitydrive 09:19 25 Apr 2007

Here are 2 ways of accessing 'safe mode'

A) When booting your system, as soon as the first (POST) screen appears showing your memory and hardware information, start pressing/tabbing 'F8.'

A menu appears
scroll to 'Safe mode' and press enter
Window loads (with a crude looking interface, but thas normanl)

B) Follow the instructions below

Exit all programs.

Click Start > Run.

In Run dialog box, type the following text:

Click OK.

In the System Configuration Utility, on the BOOT.INI tab, check /SAFEBOOT.

Click OK.

When you are asked to restart the computer, click Restart.

The computer restarts in Safe mode. This can take several minutes.

visuals are click here

Once finished with using your system in safe mode, reverse your actions and untick SAFEBOOT

  Probabilitydrive 09:27 25 Apr 2007

julius44 please ignore the instructions above these are instructions how to access the safe mode option of your system and NOT the safe mode option of firefox. (but it might be useful for future reference)

to access firefox in safe mode: (I repeat)
click start > All programs > Mozilla firefox > firefox (safe Mode)

  DelM 16:49 20 May 2007

I have the same (or a similar) problem.
Adding bookmarks did not work, so I used safe mode and it was okay. So I uninstalled all add-ons in Firefox, but the problem was still there. I even uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox, but the problem is still there. I can add bookmarks in certain folders within the bookmarks toolbar, but they always appear with no description.

  DelM 21:35 21 May 2007

No responses to the thread, but I did find a solution, just in case anyone needs it in future:

See the article at: click here



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