Unable To Assign Drive Letter

  dottm 17:32 12 Mar 2007

Him i recently formatted my c: drive, i also have an additional drive, F;, which contains all my documents, now when formatted it is no longer showing in my computer, so i opend partition magic and went to assign a drive letter that way, it says it currently has "none" and when i select the list to choose one from it it says "none".

So i went through the old way control panel>performance and maintenance>Admin tools>computer management>Disk Management

but when i go to select a drive letter it is greyed out and will not let me select anything, but only for that drive.

Any help would be much appreciated

  dottm 17:41 12 Mar 2007

also when in partition magic it comes up type44 instead of NTFS

  Diemmess 17:42 12 Mar 2007

Just to be sure of what you have - Are C: and F: separate hard disks or partitions of one HD?
Where does D: fit in to this?

  dottm 17:47 12 Mar 2007

they are seperate HDD when i was formatting they came up seperate,

  dottm 17:48 12 Mar 2007

One is a maxtor 80gb and the other is a western Digital 80gb hdd

  Diemmess 17:57 12 Mar 2007

I hope someone comes up with a proper answer soon, but if you formatted C: then there is probably no OS nor anything else for the present on that drive, so I would disconnect the second HD for the present (just pull the data and power cables from it) and look again for a clean C:

Like you I fear something awful may have happened to the data on the second HD, but first things first, get Windows up and running before you worry about Drive F:

You haven't said what carries the D: letter?

  dottm 18:01 12 Mar 2007

drive c is working fine, running it now, its the maxtor that is showing as being type 44, i know my documents are still there because in the widows format scene it showed it was half full, i selected drvie f at random last time, drive D is my dvd rom and drive e is my DVD RW, thanks for your concern mate

  Stuartli 18:33 12 Mar 2007

>>drive D is my dvd rom and drive e is my DVD RW, >>

Windows XP Pro always assigns my DVD rewriter as D and the ROM drive as E (the rewriter is the Master).

Even if I uninstall and install the ROM drive on its own (then D), if I then add the rewriter the ROM drive becomes E.

  dottm 21:23 12 Mar 2007

yeah i used to use norton goback beta, is that a problem?

  keith-236785 21:43 12 Mar 2007

is there anything on the F drive that you are worried about losing, if not then you should be able to get it recognised by running a

fdisk /mbr command on the drive through a command prompt, but although i dont think it would cause any harm IT MIGHT LOSE THE DATA so think twice before using it.

the full command would be (i think)

F:\ fdisk /mbr

this would effectively rewrite the master boot record (MBR) of the F drive and allow windows to see the drive again.

not sure what ├četa is leaning towards and you might be best waiting to hear from ├četa again before trying the fdisk thing.

  dottm 22:11 12 Mar 2007

everything on the drive i really need, got all my documents, dont have any other back up of them :

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