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  technique 11:53 12 Sep 2004

Hope someone out there can help...

I have a 6 channel speaker system - VideoLogic ZXR500. I had a tidy up of cables and unplugged everything. Now I can't get it to work.

The sub/centre speaker is connected to my MIC port and my front speakers are connected to my SPK port.

Only problem I have is that there are two of each of these ports on the back of my PC. I have a Green SPK, a Blue SPK and a Pink MIC port in a row. Further down I have another Green SPK and another Pink MIC port. I've plugged my front and sub leads into these ports in all combinations without success.

The volume on my sub control for each of the speakers is set to a quarter way loud - if that's a setting. This must be loud enough to hear any given sounds.

I don't know how to check my soundcard to see if there's a problem with it - it's controlled by nVIDIA nForce tray but I've looked at all the settings there as well to no avail.

Anyone got any clues? VideoLogic don't and neither do my PCs supplier.

  Dorsai 12:22 12 Sep 2004

For a start, the mic port is a connector to feed a signal In to the sound card. So plugging a speaker into it does not sound right. (If you will forgive the unintentional pun)

On my system the bass unit plugges into two spk output plugs, and the rest of the speakers plug into the back of the SUB, which is also the amp. The sub also has a mains power supply, the if not plugged in to the mains, or turned off stops the whole lot from working. There is also an on/off switch hidden on the back of the sub.

Hope this helps.

  Dorsai 12:24 12 Sep 2004

click here

for the owners manual download.

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