Unable to access some websites

  nc1701 00:30 16 Apr 2004

Strange problem. I am unable to access at least one particular websit located in australia. I am using a Speedtouch ADSL router which has been completly reset (many times). I have 3 PC's all connected to the router. Two of the PC's happily connect to the site with no problem but my main PC refuses. I have done all the usual stuff like clearing temp files etc but all to no avail. It happens on Fastbrowser, IE and Opera. Traceroute says it is unable to resolve the address. Any ideas ?

  Gaz 25 00:35 16 Apr 2004

Whats the website?

You could try deleting your hosts file on that computer affected?

  nc1701 00:54 16 Apr 2004

The website is click here . Ive checked the Hosts file and removed it and it still didnt work.

  Gaz 25 02:23 16 Apr 2004

works here!

Thats odd.

  lpl56407 04:37 16 Apr 2004

Have you a Firewall on the Main PC but not the others?

  nc1701 09:49 16 Apr 2004

No firewall installed. Ive even disabled the router firewall for a short time but still no joy. The same site works on both of my other pcs that are connected to the same router and I have used the same site on the PC that has the problem now. Ive changed the IP address of the PC that has the problem just in case the router was doing somthing strange with that IP address. I had the same problem with the laptop(connected to the router) so I connected to my ISP using the modem. I tried the site and it worked imediatly. I then disconnected and reconnected to the router and the site then worked ok and has done ever since. It would be a load of hassle to connect a modem to the problem machine to see if it would work and I would like to find out why its not working.

  lpl56407 12:35 16 Apr 2004

Have you tried entering the IP address in the Address box instead of click here

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