Unable to access the network but...

  Bob Bob™ 19:25 16 Jun 2007

I am having some problems with my pc in regards to the network and the internet.

I just went through a very frustrating time with new.net.
I got rid of it an odd way by moving the two new.net files to the desktop, restarting and deleting before they restarted when I logged on.

Anyway, thats how I got my internet back after I got rid of new.net with Hijack this.

Now my Internet is back but the odd time Google and other sites wont open, but a refresh solves that, and I think Limewire is hogging a lot of the bandwidth also.

But, despite me being able to use the Internet I cannot access my network. When I click 'Entire network' and 'Workgroup' nothing comes up. There should be a freecom HDD at least.

Any ideas?
I know it isn't a lot of info but I don't know whats going on.


  uesquebeathus 17:02 17 Jun 2007

the hijack problem could still be there, some other tools such as ASquared or Ewido should clear up any problems

a trial from here

click here
click here
download a thirty day trial for free from

click here

copy these links into your browser then download then down load the update for each product before running them preferably in safe mode as that has a better chance of removing the hijack.
if the nasty is still there you may have to download on another computer and copy over.

  joe11ee 07:55 18 Jun 2007

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