Unable to access memory stick

  BMott 23:03 17 Mar 2005

I recently purchased a Dane-Elec 256Mb memory stick for my stepdaughter. It worked fine at first on a Win98 PC, having first downloaded the relevant driver from the manufacturer's web site. Now, although the PC recognises the memory stick's existence, it is not possible to read from or write to it. I have also tried it on a machine running XP which also sees the device but, when trying to read/write, it asks me to insert a disk in the relevant drive. I've tried contacting the manufacturer but have been met with a stony silence! Any advice would be gratefully received.

  JonnyTub 23:36 17 Mar 2005

Make sure the data protection switch (if it's got one) is in the correct position mine has a tiny switch and i use a biro pen to flick between the two.

  BMott 07:15 18 Mar 2005


Thanks for that, but it doesn't appear to have a data protection switch. Many thanks for your response.

  VideoSentry 07:33 18 Mar 2005

I ah a similar problem with a MMC card , I found that I had to format the card in the camera. But remember that it will erase any info on the memory stick.
If you have images that you want to keep I think there are 'recovery programs' out there, where I am not sure.

  VideoSentry 07:35 18 Mar 2005

What i forgot to ask is ... Are you using a card reader ? Or is the camera plugged in via USB?

  BMott 08:10 18 Mar 2005


The memory stick is plugged in via a USB port.

  VideoSentry 16:07 18 Mar 2005

Before formatting the stick, have you tried it in someone else's Card Reader? So we can ensure that your reader is OK.
Also does it work OK in the camera?

  BMott 16:38 18 Mar 2005


It isn't a camera card, it's a portable memory stick. The same happens no matter which PC USB port I plug it into - the PC recognises its existence but won't let me read or write to it. Tried the formatting option but, once again, I am prompted to insert a disk into Drive (drive letter).

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