Unable to access Comet.co.uk site

  The Shadow 19:09 18 May 2003

Does anyone know how I can access the above site. I have been having difficulty displaying the page for a while now. I can access all other sites but not Comet. Any ideas?

  otubby1 19:25 18 May 2003

I've just been there and had no problem. The page is rather full and if you are using 56k dialup it may take you a while.

  Gandalph 19:32 18 May 2003

Just been there myself. I'm using 33.6 Dialup and no problem, I got straight in.

  anchor 19:46 18 May 2003

Loaded for me without problem. I have broadband, so it was fast.

  Patr100 19:50 18 May 2003

Try bouncing off this link :
click here

  VoG™ 20:04 18 May 2003

Do you get an error message? What happens exactly?

  keith-236785 20:13 18 May 2003

if you are using win xp, you may be missing the java files required by some sites. the missing file is "msjavx86" do a search on here for msjavx86, someone else placed a link where you can download it from. you may then update from Microsofts site but they DO NOT any longer provide the main file. hope this helps.

  canard 21:08 18 May 2003

If you're on strict privacy and security settings you'll have to edit the privacy setting and in tools- options,copy and paste in the Comet url and click allow.

  Stuartli 23:02 18 May 2003

I used to have a similar problem with this website, the register and one or two others, yet my bank's secure website held no terrors.

All the fiddling with IE security settings etc made no difference.

My son, an IT support specialist, immediately diagnosed the problem as being connected with adverts, pop-ups etc.

He recommended ditching PopUp Stopper and installing Proxomitron:

click here

There's no install. Extract somewhere in Program Files and run proximitron.exe

Got to IE, Tools, Internet Options,
Connections, LAN Settings.
Tick Use Proxy Server...
Click Advanced.

Under HTTP enter localhost as address
and 8080 as port.

Clear everything else and OK.
Tick Bypass proxy for local addresses.
OK everything.

It's also worth checking in the connection panel's ISP account(s) that these settings are also listed - I had to do it twice.

I immediately had no furthe problems with this website or any other....:-)

  keith-236785 00:39 19 May 2003

i am running pop-up stopper and win xp pro and i had no problem accessing this site, and i have never been to comets site before. i dont think its a pop-up stopper fault. though my bank site was a problem untill i set pop-up stopper to allow, all the people on here are trying to help but i would try to avoid installing even more software which may cause even more problems. stick with what you know, try disabling pop-up stopper and try again. maybe if shadow came back and responded to some of these ideas we could help more.

  Stuartli 08:15 19 May 2003

It is not, as you infer, a case of "possibly installing software that might cause even more problems."

The problem in my case was due to the fact that, for some reason I was not getting the adverts.

The waits are due to the fact, said my son, that they are tabled sites and a table has to be completed before it's drawn. Therefore the browser was waiting for an image that doesn't arrive.

So, in the words of my son, "Either ISP has summat up, or something is redirecting their server somewhere silly. Put Proxomitron on instead of Popup Stopper."

I had the problem well before I installed PopUp Stopper (even disabling it had no effect) and nothing in the IE configuration had been changed in any way prior to when I began to experience difficulties.

My son's advice - based on many years' experience of dealing with all types of computer related problems - sorted it out immediately.

He is responsible for support involving nearly 3,000 computers where he works..:-)

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