Unable to access BIOS due to unknow Pasword !

  Giggle n' Bits 00:29 09 Feb 2003

This may be a virus, not sure as I have never seen it hapen before.
I recnetly noticed my floppy drive had changed to a 5" size drive and when I went to access the BIOS I was confronted with a Password box wanting a code!.

This BIOS is a Awards Modular V.6 with the BIOS string> W6315MS OR W631SMS V1.2 113000 19:44:10

If this is a virus will a new installed say Norton AV 2003 shift it and undo this change.

Is there any safe and none damaging way to undo or stop this BIOS Password lockout

Or does anyone maybe Jazzpypop (The Man) know of a list of possible access codes I could try.

Please help or its a new Motherboard.

  kuhbler 00:31 09 Feb 2003

you could always take the battery out of the MoBo and wait a few mins, then put it back. Then you should be able to get back into the BIOS np. You will need to re-detect all the drives etc and the other options in the BIOS as well.

  MAJ 00:33 09 Feb 2003

Yes it's possible to reset the BIOS password, but I'm not sure of the forum's rules on telling how to disable it. Someone with more knowledge of the forum's rules will answer for you.

  1st RHA 00:35 09 Feb 2003

award bios backdoor password

this may help

click here

  Giggle n' Bits 00:44 09 Feb 2003

-one responsible is out goes wrong. I know its a risky procedure but is there a way which works ?.

Rules are in this Forum your are not to attack manufacturers or put them down, nor discuss Pirate software things.

Pasword protection is allowed. Its just my bios is Award and not one I could find covered.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:50 09 Feb 2003

Will be back with result but no answers unless needed by provate mail as I don't wish to upset MAJ !.

Thank you 1st RHA, Kublar and Maj!.

I will be back!.

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