unable to access bios in a compaq pentium

  pcgal 11:21 22 Jan 2003
  pcgal 11:21 22 Jan 2003

Ive just bought a compaq pentium 200 with its hdd re-formatted but I cant see how to enter bios.
When I power the computer up it just displays memory in top left corner of screen and thats it.
Ive tried pressing delete key /f1 etc but nothings happening.
help ..pcgalxx

  AndySD 11:25 22 Jan 2003

Reboot the machine. When the company name, Compaq, displays in big red letters on the Presario's screen, a cursor should appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Press F10 or F12, and instead of booting normally, you should see the setup screen for the Compaq's BIOS.

  pcgal 11:27 22 Jan 2003

thanx andy im not at the computer until tonight but i'll try that...pcgalxx

  MalcSP 11:32 22 Jan 2003

I seem to remember that until around 4 years ago Compaq stored their BIOS settings on the HDD. Therefore, if this was reformatted, no BIOS. A computer engineer of my aquaintance said that there were 21 operations involved in replacing an HDD on a Compaq at the time! Thankfully they have since seen sense! Might this be your problem?

  pcgal 12:18 22 Jan 2003

ok guys then whats the answer??????????????????

  MalcSP 12:39 22 Jan 2003

click here
Otherwise, it may be that a local PC shop might be able to help if no-one here on this forum can. As a last resort I'll contact my friend. However, I think you need software utilities. Let me know. I can't promise a quick response though.

  pcgal 13:39 22 Jan 2003

ok thanx everyone

  BlueMeanie 20:34 23 Jan 2003

The bios on a compaq PC is accessed via the hard disk as the first non-dos partition, which is accessed by F10 when a flashing cursor appears at the top right hand corner of the screen.

However, it can be accessed by a set of compaq bios disks use the link below :-

click here

This link to version 1.23A suits most Compaqs and is a self extracting maker for 4? floppy's.

It is easy peasy honest,


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