un known user account

  peg 21:21 01 Aug 2006

Hi, have found a user account (ASP.NET machine a....)that i know nothing about can change password but can not open it, does not appear on the log on screen, running windows xp anyone any ideas, big thanks.

  RobCharles1981 21:25 01 Aug 2006

That means you have installed Microsoft Net Frame Work, goto into your Control Pannel, User Accounts can you see the Net Account in there?

  peg 21:41 01 Aug 2006

no cant see net account just my account guest account and the asp.net account. how did i install microsoft net frame work ? cheers

  RobCharles1981 21:42 01 Aug 2006

the asp.net account is the one you need to remove, you might of downloaded it via Windows Update

  peg 21:50 01 Aug 2006

nice one I updated windows at weekend I will just delete it.
thanks again

  Taff™ 00:18 02 Aug 2006

Don`t do it! Leave it alone! It`s not doing any harm and is part of Windows XP Operating System or whatever - it`s not a threat. You might even have a guest account on the system - do you kill guests as well? They`re not a threat either ;0)

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