"Umlauts" How do I get them into "E" Mails?

  Bingalau 19:49 02 Mar 2005

Hello Helpers!
Does anybody know how to get umlauts/accents etc. into an "E" Mail? I have no problem when working in "Word" writing normal letters etc. by just clicking on "Insert">>"Symbol" and then choosing the one I want from the window that appears. Is there an easy way to do it in "E" Mails too ?.....Bingalau..

  jack 19:56 02 Mar 2005

Try this.
Prepare your text in Word with all the umlouts etc.

Go to Edit, Select all , Copy.

Close the program

Open your E-mail account and start a new Message in HTML mode

In the message field place the cursor

Go to Edit/Paste [ or Ctrl-V]

  Zurdo 20:00 02 Mar 2005

Try this, it works on my comp. Use the number pad on the right not the one across the top.
Press alt + 132 = ä, alt + 129 = ü, alt + 137 = ë, alt + 139 = ï, alt + 148 = ö.
I use this method for Spanish, eg. alt + 164 = ñ
Have a go with various combinations and see what else there is that may be helpful to you.

  Zurdo 20:02 02 Mar 2005

Sorry forgot about this one as well. Press AltGr and a vowel and you should get á é í ó ú.

  Bingalau 20:02 02 Mar 2005

Jack!...Thanks I knew someone would remind me of the easy way.. Amazing how easy it is to forget, so "Thanks" again....I will leave this thread open for a bit in case anyone else comes up with a different method of doing it...You never know?

  Bingalau 20:03 02 Mar 2005

That's brilliant...Thanks a million....Bingalau

  SEASHANTY 20:35 02 Mar 2005

Thanks for this info.

  GRFT 15:23 03 Mar 2005


  roy 16:57 03 Mar 2005


  Buchan 35 20:09 03 Mar 2005

And I thought it impossible without language reorientation. Thanks Bingalau and the others

  GroupFC 21:37 03 Mar 2005

Of course another way is to use the Character Map (start>Programs>accessories>system tools)!

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