Ulead Video Studio 11 Plus keeps hanging

  RK Wright 10:42 26 Sep 2007

Recently VS11+ keeps hanging whenever I want to burn a VCD after editing my video file.
I then have to completely UNINSTALL & REINSTALL the software to get it to work again.
A friend thinks that another software is in "conflict" with VS11+. I've tried uninstalling several software, but still cannot find a SOLUTION.
How can I find the "conflicting" software?
Pls. help... I'm a newbie/senior citizen.

  eedcam 13:06 26 Sep 2007

How much memory and space have you available onyour hard drive .Even if you have a reasonable amount a Defrag might help also make sure you have all other programmes not running even being online can cause a blip.

  RK Wright 05:33 28 Sep 2007

I've completely UNINSTALLED VS11+ and re-installed VS10+ which seems to be more stable... so I think I'll stick to this earlier version.
BTW, I find COREL support to be VERY POOR... and also regret buying Ulead products, including PhotoImpact12 - zero support.

My PC system:
250 GB HD (2x)

Thanks so much for responding eedcam.
Bless you.

  eedcam 09:36 28 Sep 2007

Your welcome personally I find adobe premiere elements not only better but great user support forum.You might like to check it out in case you think of tring adobe click here

  RK Wright 10:38 28 Sep 2007

eedcam, you're indeed very kind.
I had been using Adobe P6.5 (which came with the bundle from Pinnacle DV500). Cost me a BOMB... and now Pinnacle doesn't support P6.5 any more.
Besides... when I upgraded to WIN XP from WIN 98SE... things just went CRAZY... Now I'm still trying to find a way to use P6.5 in XP.
I just bought "Video Edit Magic 4.3" and find it quite good. Hope the good support keeps coming from this publisher :)
BTW, may I correspond directly with you?
Pls. write me direct if you're comfortable with it. It'll save time, etc.
Bless you.

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