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  boot-it-out 11:06 23 May 2007

Quick question,

Using a USB DVB-T stick ( connected to a rooftop aerial ) and scanning for channels I can only find 4 channels - BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 and BBC News 24.

The signal strength shown on the computer is excellent, and I can receive all the Freeview channels on a stand alone Freeview receiver connected tothe same aerial.

Is this likely to be related to signal strength / reception, or is it something to do with frequencies being scanned needing different settings etc. ( and if so what are they ? )

Hopefully the fact that I can only get these 4 specific channels will mean somethign to someone !

  FreeCell 16:15 23 May 2007

Now I am no expert here on aerials and TV transmitters but I do know that the Freeview multiplexers (MUXs) transmit different channels and the strength from transmitters of the different muxs varies. MUX1 is the BBC channles you mention so sounds like this is being received okay but the problem is with the others. Could be because of sensitivity of your DVB-stick or a scanning problem.

YOu'll finf infor on your local transmitter here click here

  Stuartli 17:02 23 May 2007

You may have too much signal, surprising though it may sound.

All but the ITV related channels transmissions are in 16QAM form, but the ITV stations are in 64QAM form.

Some helpful info at:

click here

along with a lot of other useful reading.

  boot-it-out 10:54 27 May 2007

I knew very little about Freeview settings when I started out, and getting my USB DVB-T stick to work with Blaze TV has been a challenge !

My local transmitter is Sutton Coldfield - the various channels / frequencies etc vary across the Country - you can find settings for your own transmitter here : click here

The Sutton Coldfield transmitter broadcasts 6 "Mux" channels, called Mux1, Mux2, MuxA, MuxB, MuxC and MuxD.
"Mux" means Multiplex - allowing more than one "service" ( programme ) to be broadcast on a single Channel ( frequency ).

There are two transmission "Modes" - 16QAM, which has a "Code Rate" of 3/4, and 64QAM which has a "Code Rate" of 2/3.

Here are the details for the Sutton Coldfield transmitter :

Mux1 - Channel 41 - 634Mhz, 16QAM, Code Rate 3/4
Mux2 - Channel 44 - 658MHz, 64QAM, Code Rate 2/3
MuxA - Channel 47 - 682MHz, 64QAM, Code Rate 2/3
MuxB - Channel 51 - 714MHz, 16QAM, Code Rate 3/4
MuxC - Channel 52 - 722MHz, 16QAM, Code Rate 3/4
MuxD - Channel 55 - 746MHz, 16QAM, Code Rate 3/4

When I performed an auto scan for channels, only those broadcast from Mux1 were found.

By performing a manual scan in 64QAM Mode / Code Rate 2/3, ALL the channels broadcast on Mux2 were found :-)

Strangely, I still cannot receive any of the channels broadcast on MuxA to D, so I'm going to have a play with the aerial and see if it really is because of the signal being TOO STRONG.

I'll let you know how I get on, meanwhile I hope the above will help others sort out similar problems !


  Stuartli 13:10 27 May 2007

I've been using a Twinhan Freeview PCI TV cared for around two or three years and it's fed by a coaxial cable running from an aerial amplifier; this is also used to feed a second television set and Freeview set top box.

The original feed to the aerial amplifier is from another aerial amplifier in the main room which serves the main TV and the second amplfier (via a cable located under the floorboards).

Originally I had problems with ITV related 64QAM transmissions on my computer's TV card, with the sound and display breaking up at certain times.

I discovered, by trial and error, that the up to +18dB gain provided by both aerial amplifiers was too much; reducing the second amplifier's output gain in stages resulted in the minimum of +3dB providing the best all round compromise for both 16QAM and 64QAM transmissions.

  FreeCell 13:59 27 May 2007

You can get signal attenuators from Maplin if you want to reduce signal strength. click here

I have had the opposite problem with weak signal and have just changed the aerial to an extra high gain model and for the first time now have all the Freeview channels (from Hannington). This is despite UK Digital postcode finder saying we can't get Freeview!

  Stuartli 15:55 27 May 2007

I've known cases in my town (about 15 miles from Winter Hill) where some people in a particular street received Freeview without problems, yet others nearby couldn't get enough signal strength for more than a few stations.

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